Calder Daxx's Logs

  • [an old journal, with a bit of water damage at the edges]

    Father said a sailor should keep logs of life. I suppose I will.

  • As far as I can remember, I have always hanged out at the docks. No matter the town we were in. It annoyed mother. She was always afraid I would get hurt. Or sail off by mistake. Mothers worry too much I hear. Mine is no exception. Nevertheless, I have convince her and father to allow me to go to training. I am but 16, but the waters call. Its either that, or I go on my own. Father will not admit it, but he is proud I following in his step and joining the Navy.

  • I am surprised that these old carracks still float. Training begins, and I suspect there is a reason for these old floating tombs. They are really in a rough shape. Wonder if dad trained on those? Think we'll be doing a lot of repair training. I must admit, they got courage to sail on these old things. I'll know this afternoon which one I am assigned to.

  • I must be careful with these bets. Else they will all resent me for it. I have few friends as it is. Lets not make it worst. I still think they should learn to swim better. And learn to hold their breath. They wont become marines, that is for sure. Those now are some tough men. I am half tempted to join them myself, but I am what I am, and I will not aspire to be what I am not. A Sailor I will remain, and excel at.

  • [several entries speak of the various tasks they are trained to do, the drills they go through and the few evening of drinking he participates in]

    Training goes well. I know much already, but I was surprised to learn a good few new things. I cannot wait to be out on the waters for more than training. Long journeys at sea. Soon. Training ends this month.

  • We're done with training, at last. Today, I was assigned to a ship out on the south coast. Father and mother came to the graduation. Turning 17 soon too. We are celebrating this evening. Father is proud, which makes me proud. He is still stationed in Marshember, which allowed us to see each other often. But I'll be moving to Dawngleam. We will not see each other for a time. Mother is worried sick. I promised I would write. She is still in Moonever, which is close to Marshember, so father can go home often at least. She never wanted to move to the big city.

  • The water, they have gone mad. We were out at sea when it happened. They say the whole mountain rose up in the north. Its insane. The Wyvernwater expanded so much. They say a lot of little towns were flooded and sunken. There's a lot of islands now. I got word for father, he is being transferred to the fresh water soon, once it settles. He mentioned Hilp, maybe Immersea. Mother will not want to leave Moonever, but she will have no choice. At least it wont be to a big city. And I know she will be a great help in rebuilding.

  • [the entry that follow relate his life on the southern waters, the ships he served on, how he learned turmic from the merchants they often help, or how he enjoys the life at sea. There is few mentions of friends but one seems to pop often.]

    I owe one to Perce. Got me out of trouble in a rather smart way. Secret is safe too. I'll pay him that fancy bottle he wants to thank him. He has been a good friend. I am still getting transferred I think. Captain said he'd get me shipped up north, learn the hard discipline of Arabel. This is all the thanks I get for getting him these documents of that enemy ship. May have disobeyed orders, but I got him what he needed.

    Let the water flow. I will go where I am stationed. I will miss Percival though. He has potential and would make a good leader. I would have followed him gladly. May the waters keep him safe.

  • Worst than I thought. Getting grounded. Assigned to the Eveningstar Garrison to work in Arabel. Not even a ship.

    I have met with a few of the land lubber purples. One of the battlemage is noble born and reminds me of my last posh captain. The other one is a decent mate, for now. Captain Black is one heck of a loud mouth. At times I find him arrogant, but at times, he is a damn good soldier. And then there's Captain Rallyhorn. Professional, calm, a fine leader from what I have seen so far. I think I will enjoy working under her, even if she's a land lubber.

  • There is a lot of work to do. The Wyvernwater are a mess and the Coast is still building up. Eveningstar is on the river, and going well if small. Eastway is rebuilding and could turn into a decent port. Still a lot of work to do. Arabel's port is in good shape but there is always room for improvement. And there's Old Town. That place is a mess. If their port was organized, and not controlled by damnable pirates, they might not suffer so much in there.

    Captain Rallyhorn has been cursed with a blade. Her soul, is locked within. She is working on the Way of The Arc of Destiny so she is not swallowed whole by it. I have thought her what I can of the ways of water. The fluidity of it.

    I have copied this from her poster.

    @Mr.-Geek said in Seeking: Blademasters and Philosophers of the Warriors' Way:

    The Way of the Arc

    • Philosophy Two//D//
      "...Excel at what you are, not worry about what you are not. Like water be a tranquil pool or a mighty torrent, both yielding and overwhelming..."
      ~As taught by Sailor Calder Daxx, Blue Dragon of Cormyr~

    The Water dance is one of fluidity, footwork, and positioning. Accept a weapon like a pebble into a tranquil pool. Allow the ripples to surround the weapon and grow until the torrent wrests the weapon and dashes it like a pebble in a mighty torrent.

  • Apparently my work in reclaiming the wyverwater seems to have warranted me a recommendation for promotion. I have given it much thought, as I promised the Road Captain I would. It is more responsibilities and I am no leader. Yet it would give me more freedom in my actions, and a better pay. There are not many sailors assigned to town, so I suppose I would not have many men under me. And all land matters would still be in the hands of the Purple.

    That woman is too damn convincing. I will need to write an application form now. She promised assistance at least.

  • Lathanderites helping with the undead in the Waters. Good. Pointed Oakbridge in the right direction. I hope he will succeed, but I know it will not be a simple task. Many islands are infested.

    The private wants to help with the pirates. Gave him a few pointers. I should dig up everything we got and send it his way. Issue is, we do not have much. Lets us hope that will change soon.

  • She resigned. I do not understand why. She claims it is to focus on the way of the Arc. She could have done so while still being a Road Captain. She has joined with the Seraph. At least she remains in the region.

    A strange feeling. I cannot help but feel a pinch of abandonment. I do not know why. She is, was a purple. Not a sailor.


    Too many things wrong in this region. Got my work cut out for me. Still haven't sent that application. She was supposed to assist me with it. Hate this sort of paperwork.

    Missing Children.

    These will be my focuses for now. Its is plenty already.

  • Lathanderites on the Undead matter. Gave Oakbridge enough pointers to get started. Need to dig up what I can on the islands that are infested.

    This map is taking longer then expected. Still, the last ones of the area are quite outdated. Never did so much walking in my life. I am getting used to living on land, but it will never replaces the waters. Getting this promotion may strand me on land even more. I hope not. Why did I let her convince me it was a good idea again?

    Got a few interested in looking into the pirates. We should start with the River Saints. Something tells me when we take them out, another crew will take their place. What we need is a greater number of ships on the water. They would need to grow the Navy more. A few hundred men more would do.

    I do not understand these people. Children have gone missing and they are too busy being picky on who can help or try to get all the glory for themselves. Some give me the feeling it is beneath them. Fools. I have started looking into this more in details. Hopefully something will be found to remind people of the priority here.

  • The boy Tom is afraid, or should I say hesitant, to push forward with his life. Understandable in his condition I suppose. How someone can do this to a kid.. well. He will need to make a choice and not let it get him down, but push passed it. He needs to learn this world is filled with people who will dislike you no matter who or what you are. Wait them out patiently, or better yet, change their mind with your actions and dedication. Time will tell what the boy chooses. His life after all.

    Haven't seen Rallyhorn in over a tenday. Nor did she reply to my letter yet. Perhaps she is avoiding me for some reason.

    Need to find Greyleaf. I hope he remembers something of use about the missing child he rescued.

    From the reports I have, scrying for the location of the Lavander Fields gets hindered by a cold force. Unless we find what that is,we might not be able to get there. We will see. Still trying to piece together what everyone tried so far. No work from Lord Mertoi. Vixen is being childish. I wonder if she even understand the severity of the situation?

    Mapping the region goes well. Not satisfied with the Starwater one yet. Started on Eastway. Perhaps I should sell copies of my maps? I wonder if they would sell at all. Only one way to find out.

  • Her explanation is sound and I think I understand now. The Arc takes too much from her and she does not want to be a distracted officer. I pray we find a way to save her soul from that blade. She is a great officer and she will return once this business is done. The garrison sorely needs someone like her.

    The missing children case is tricky. But I may have found a lead, or at least a place to look into. May need to talk with the feyfolk too. They are whimsical like the Wind, but they might know something.

    A new Blade. She seems an eager one. A tactician. Should we end up working together a lot, I will give her the challenge of leading adventurers in combat. Adventurers tend to be like the Wind as well, whimsical. And like Fire. Damn stubborn. That should put her stills to the test.

    Scuttlebutt has it it may not be possible to gain promotion without getting shipped out. Seems my position here is experimental or something. That or the Blues are just trying to see if they can pass me over to the Purples. Not sure how'd I'd feel about that.

    I mind not being a sailor all my life. Few get promotion after all. Though I must admit, I've grown fond of this region. Still think the Blues could get more responsibilities and not only handle the waters, but all port cities and town, along with the coast. The Navy could grow. Bit more competition with our brothers in Purple would be fun.

  • New battlemage. Victoria will do well I suspect. She can hold her own in battle and is a good scholar. And her task will be quite the challenge from what I understand.

    I was transferred. Mixed feeling. I have grown fond of this land but I will definitely miss sailing. We still need to retake the Wyvernwater and that is a joint effort, at least I might get to see the water much still. Royal scout. Need to find myself some stealth gear. I've done a bit of scouting here and there but never as my job. Maybe I should learn to handle traps as well. At least to mark them. We'll see. At least my tracking skills are good.

    Wonder what father would say. I have a few cousin who joined the army ,but most of the family have always been sailors. The north is a strange place. You expect to go one way, you end up at the complete opposite.

    Rarely see Rallyhorn anymore. I hope all is well for her. Ironically, I told her she'd make a good sailor. Now look who's become a Purple. I somehow feel I will hear the end of it.

    The lizardfolk. A chance for peace, but can they become civilized citizen of Cormyr? A chance to take, perhaps. Who knows, they might become contributing members of society and we'll make something of them. The first tribes to bend the knee. Else, I fear this will end in yet another bloodbath. Shame if it does.

    They want control of their own lands. Issue is, part of that belongs to Paertrover. Perhaps a compromise can be made, or they can be granted swamp lands that do not belong to the Lord. I am pretty sure he does not own all of the King's Swamp.

    Seems the Harper sisters are gone. Shame, I had grown fond of them. I find myself with few friends. As usual.

  • Most of my time on land. I do miss the waters but there is much to do. There is so much to explore too.

    Mapping the hillmarch. By the seven seas and the nine hells, that place is insane. Not just dangerous but completely insane. Magic does not work, not even potions. Unless you know you can win a fight without getting too beaten up and not need supplies, then do not engage. Nothing can save you in there.

    Got the feeling the Lionar expect me to have explored the whole damn swamp by now. I just finished mapping the estuary. The Trail was my next area of exploration. Impatient, as most of them all. They should learn from his teachings and ways.

    The White Bear hunts hags. I have informed him of the missing children and showed him the way to Arael. Gave him a few areas to look into for the hags as well. May he slaughter them all.

    Rallyhorn is doing well. With Coltsbury now a battlemage, she will have more resources to aid with the Arc. We discussed sacrifice for the greater good. She understand my longing for the waters. We need to solve that arc issue to get her back where she belongs, in the army. Although I guess the knightly order is also a good place for her. Working with both Coltsbury and Rallyhorn is always pleasant. A shame our schedules conflict so much. We could get things done more.

    Some wishes the militia gone and replaced by the Purple. In all honesty, I appreciate their existence here. We can focus on the threats to the country and not chase after every criminal that shows up. Some say there is a corruption issue. That can be rooted out, in time. I would rather support the militia and see their charter extend to the whole north so we may focus on threats to the country and they can enforce the law in the region. Nothing say we cannot help each other though. Time will tell where this will go.

  • Regrets? None until recently. Remain? Move on? Undecided. Let us see what becomes of things. The North changes people. Not always for the better. This is a mess and I feel it could have been avoided. Can barely make head from tail of it myself. It is in the hands of our superiors for now.

    Militia is filling with anti non-humans. This will not end well. They disrespect the ways of Cormyr. May the waters sweep those fools from their positions of power. They do not deserve it.

    Focus on the children. Finally got a decent lead, if you can call that a lead. A farie tale but it may be the best lead we got.

    This mess is better left to the political hogs who love this sort of things. I got kids to find and bring home.

    Found myself thinking of resignment. Never thought I would. But the world changes and we change with it. I will follow the flow of life as the water flows down a river. Eastway perhaps. Time will tell where I'll end up.

    Things to do:
    Talk with Mamma, she is linked somehow.
    Talk to that Arael Druid, they are at odds with the hags.
    Hunt down those hags to find the other three "items"
    Locate the "mother"

  • If this is true, then this city is going to the nine hells faster than I could have imagined. Its senseless. They'll get us all killed.

    Everything else besides the missing children seems so irrelevant compared to this... mess. Magic, time, archmages. I was not there but heard of it. I have a hard time wrapping my head around it. It almost seems like an impossible choice.

    Isobella. Bleucroft. Ophirae. Irene. Greyleaf. Hollance. The higher ups. A good few now know. All I can do is pray they do not betray me on this. I trust most of them at least. Coltsbury should know. I will need to speak with her.