The Scriptorium Addresses Concerns of Transparency

  • It has come to the attention of the Scriptorium of Arabel that accusations have been made against us, calling us hoarders of secrets who share their knowledge with none.

    We take these accusations seriously, for we are the House of Oghma, and the dissemination of knowledge is our holy calling. The Scriptorium wishes to make it known that any honest seeker after the truth is welcome inside our walls. We hide nothing. Any citizen who wishes to know the details of our investigations into the ruins- over which we have been awarded custodianship by the Crown for the very purpose of our research, is invited to come and discuss the matter with any member of the Scriptorium. There are few things a scholar of the Scriptorium enjoys more than discussing the fullness and implications of his or her areas of research.

    As an organization concerned with truth and knowledge, we also feel it important to be fully transparent with the citizens of Arabel concerning our full cooperation with the investigations being conducted by the Militia into the alleged criminal activities of Serwyn Tammarast and his bannermen. From accusations of public illegal bounties to accusations of the torture of a Cormyrian citizen, the Scriptorium keeps it's eyes and ears open to all knowledge, and all that we learn is shared with the Arabellan Militia immediately, for noble blood and titles mean nothing to we who seek the truth.

    Chronicler Gavin Graesin
    On behalf of the Scriptorium of Arabel

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