Letter to Caru

  • High Priestess Caru,

    My name is Anterus La Croix, a poet and follower of Millil, I write to you not to join the sciptorium, due to some indiscretion many generations ago within my family I find myself bearing traits that disturb many, and I am sure you would not want to be associated with such.. However, as a prominent non human figure in the city I wish to bring to your attention a grave threat, the Tammarast family are bent on removing anything non human from this fine city, and I have already been beaten near to death by Serwyn, it is imperative that something is done. I do not come requesting that you take action against the nobles of this nation, only that my words and experiences are recorded. As such I present to you 'the ballad of Serwyn Tammarast'

    Anterus La Croix

    The Ballad of Serwyn Tammarast
    A poem by Anterus La Croix

    His father was a noble man, by law this is for sure
    He spends his time in fineries, he’s certainly not poor
    Good Ser Something Tammarast, would make his father proud
    A worthless, whinging, ingrate child, who lays at night with hounds

    He’s whining about Lhal again, he’s such a frightful bore
    His bannermen, the chaos brigade, he’ll claim its true no more
    Brave Ser Something Tammarast, conducting tests of purity
    To cover up his lack of spine, his rampant insecurity

    He’s born into entitlement, and by the gods he’ll say
    He’ll draw his blade on unarmed men, and leap into the fray
    Good Ser Something Tammarast, hes worthy of his name
    Slicing up an unarmed man, he’s not afraid to maim

    He’ll stay within his city home, it truly is his haven
    Put up posters claiming that, his unarmed victim is craven
    Brave Ser Something Tammarast, you are the craven one
    Step right through the Old Town gate, and see what will become.

  • Admin [DM]

    Your skills are admirable, despite your heritage you struggle with. The poem has been published, the library look forward to more of your work.


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