Package To Mamma

  • A small package is delivered to Mamma's orphanage containing a small stuffed toy, that looks to have been cleaned of any damage done to it with a letter

    "Thank you again for taking the child Mamma, I send this for the child in question, it was found with the caravan we believe the child to have come from, might be the only thing it has left of it's parents, thank you

    -Dawnbringer Markus Starmantle

  • Admin [DM]


    It is pleasing to see a soul whom cares for the children all too many forget, the child appears most pleased with his toy. Come by any time, my door is always open to those whom love children.


  • Children are the future of our world, they represent life and youth purer now than they ever will again, every child deserves a future, a person who cares, someone to guide and help them, and its those who have suffered loss, those without their blood and flesh to care for them because it was taken from them, who need help the most. I would enjoy visiting often, perhaps to see the child who was brought as much as the rest, i was an orphan once too, and i was saved and cared for, i would do the same for any other child, whether my blood or not. Has the child been given a name yet? I am eager to know. I will stop by, are you opposed to me bringing some sweets from the candymaker in downtown for the rest? Or is something else needed, whether it be supplies of any sort, i can bring such in my visits. Thank you for letting me know the child is happy to be reunited with his toy, that was the hope.

    -Dawnbringer Markus Starmantle

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