Letter: House Lhal

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    Most esteemed House of the Warden of the North

    I write to you today on concerns of the city and it's current state. The other Purple Dragon officers and I had a meeting, and thought you might be interested in a few things we had to talk about!

    Mainly, we are hereby requesting the disbandment of the Militia. It is not that they have failed to diligently serve the city of Arabel, but simply that their purpose has ran it's course. They are a relic created in the time of Hardcastle to help him police the city, however, now that he is gone and that the Dalelands war is over, the number of Purple Dragons have since swelled. We now have more than enough men to compensate and have the Purple Dragons return to their rightful place as the guarding force of the city, and are of course more than happy to accommodate any new recruits from the Militia, should they wish to continue their line of work.

    On your convenience, please write back to us to let us know what we need to do in order to make this happen.

    For King and Country,
    Road Captain Cadmus

  • Admin [DM]

    Most esteemed Road Captain Cadmus, and his Superior Officers,

    Clearly someone has not done his research! The militia was not created by Lord Hardcastle, and in fact, it existed long before he arrived here. It existed even prior to Lord Lhal's first rule of Arabel, before the era of Nalavarauthatoryl, before Usurper King Gondegal's rise, and even before that. I think perhaps you confuse the militia with Lord Hardcastle's "Agents", which has long been disbanded.

    I will also remind you that the militia's current charter is under the Arabel charter, granted by King Azoun IV. This charter continues under the grace of our King Azoun V. Do I read correctly here, that you wish to undermine the authority of the King? Surely my eyes must be playing tricks on me, for surely a member of the King's Royal Army would never do such a thing.

    My recommendation would be you familiarize yourself with our nation's history, or at very least promptly hurl yourself into the Wyvernwater and cease wasting my time.

    Chancellor Peggy

  • Chancellor Peggy,

    I would never dream of undermining the King's Authority, and to even suggest such is a slight against my honor. If you truly believe I'd do such a thing, there's no reason that we can't settle things the Tempan way.

    You are correct however, and I apologize for my ignorance. I am a church man, not a scribe or historian, so I did not know such a thing was put in place by the crown. However, as you are so keen on history, I do not have to remind you that in the time past since Old Arabel has rebelled against the rest of the city, that neither Lord Lhal nor the Militia have been able to reign in those rabble rousers.

    To have such a thing go on for so long is nothing more than a disgrace to his Majesty, and makes it look as if his wisdom in instating whomever he chose as the Warden of the North and the Militia in the first place was a mistake. I do not know the full story of the cities Politics, but Lhal's position of Warden of the North has been changed, two, three times now? A bit of history that many of us do remember and know however, is how Lord Lhal once lost control of the city all together.

    I am a Purple Dragon, Chancellor, not your enemy. I'm sure as level headed-men, we both want what's best for the city and the nation of Cormyr. It is time for the Purple Dragon's to step in. I urge you to speak with Lord Lhal, the Militia have had more than enough opportunities to do what they were created for, and have failed. Let the men in purple do what we are suppose to do.

    For King and Country,
    -Road Captain Cadmus

  • Admin [DM]

    If we need your help, we'll be sure to ask for it. In the meantime, read some history books. They're good for your mind.

    Also, your thinly veiled insults have not gone unnoticed.

    Chancellor Peggy

  • I suppose I will go do that, we'll stay in touch.

    And I do apologize for my behavior, I thought this is how the upper-class spoke to one another. I will be upfront with my insults next time.

    For King and Country,
    Battle Priest Cadmus.

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