[A package for Lord Mertoi]

  • Tower

    [The broken Halberd of one Eagus Kamon is delivered to Patricia Mertoi, wrapped up in his Retainer cloak, both were wet with blood, recently.]

    Your Retainer, Eagus Kamon has fallen in battle against the fiend known as Harnok the Defiler, corrupter of the Ghostwise Hins many hundreds of years past. He fought bravely and died in the protection of his close friends.
    I offer my condolences on the loss of the best Retainer you had and ever shall have.

    The Lion of Amn.

  • Admin [DM]

    Lord Mertoi shall be informed of this grave loss to the House, Retainer Kamon was a honourable man and he died where belonged, upon the battlefield. We thank you for your aid.

    Steward Kosey

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