Triumvirate: Prophet

  • Hail Mighty Prophet!

    I have recently been approached by a hopeful convert to the ways of Tempus! She is a proud warrior who had been befallen with a curse that eats away at her body. I have been administering aid to her ailment, but so far my methods have only offered temporary relief. You see, it is her very soul at risk! Surely some foul entity has taken grasp of it, and now she seeks Tempus's aid hoping that he may rip her soul free and take it for himself.

    Might you have a suggestion to aid this warrior or perhaps see her yourself?

    -Road Captain Cadmus

  • Admin [DM]

    Who the fuck did you convert? I am tending to hundreds of faithful in this city- what's one more? You want a ribbon?

    Tempus' balls man, do a few sermons before asking for approval like I am your alcoholic father.


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