Tammarast's Test of Purity


    Demonspawn haven't the luxury of concealing their nocuous true selves, horns will forever betray them. Drow under any light will always have skin as dark as their hearts. Lycanthropes, however, masquerade as a man, they trick and they deceive, stealing into society under guise of a common face.

    We at House Tammarast serve to outsmart the lycanthrope, we at House Tammarast pull the carpet from under them.

    Prove yourself free of this monsters' plague and rally to any announced trial.

    Adventure with no-one who is not certified by the Tammarast Test of Purity.


    • Ser Serwyn Tammarast.
    • Hollister Blackwood.
    • Randal Buckman.
    • Velia Dias.
    • Tom Wren.
    • Renault Black.
    • John Williams.
    • Isobella Rallyhorn.
    • Greggori Samways.
    • Robert Hallown.
    • Onik Hammerfist.


    • Greyleaf.
    • Charlotte.
    • "Mouse".
    • Tzan'darkan.
    • Verhoo.
    • Joanne.
    • Anterus.

  • New names are added.

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