Proclamations of House Tammarast

  • The treacherous lycanthrope Kjersen Greyleaf is wanted alive by the noble House Tammarast.

    The sum of 4,000 coins will be awarded to anyone who can deliver the turncoat to the Tammarast Estate in one piece. Any information regarding its whereabouts will be well received.

    Serwyn Tammarast

  • [A militia private is seen removing the posters, muttering darkly as he does]


    When the Scriptorium first opened its doors to Arabel they were welcomed, an organisation dedicated to a purist pursuit of knowledge, who, as hallowed servants of Oghma, were duty bound to spread far and wide their accumulated wisdom.

    The truth, regrettably, has fallen far from this early promise.

    Last week the Scriptorium were at the centre of yet another disruption to the City when a vast quake shook the foundations of Arabel and a colossal beam of light penetrated from the depths of the Ruins beneath.

    This was, of course, not the first incident in which the rapacious delving of the Scriptorium intruded upon the lives of Arabels citizens. Brick and mortar is still in disrepair and the human toll will never heal from the folly of Scriptorium scholars such as Azzam, Bhaldor and recently Coltsbury.

    The Scriptorium's brief history in Arabel has, undeniably, been punctuated with vast destruction of property and civilian casualties.

    House Tammarast wonders what the Scriptorium value so highly in the Ruins above the lives of Cormyrian souls. House Tammarast wonders what the Scriptorium must do for their dangerous expeditions to be discontinued and their entire operation investigated.

    This is an organisation whose philosophy is the pursuit and distribution of knowledge who have failed on both accounts. This is an organisation that hoards their information, an organisation that executes regular dangerous excursions into the depths beneath at the expense of the City and takes its counsel and leadership from an aberrant preacher once entrenched in the ranks of the Plebeian Court, a gang responsible for the bloodiest single event in Arabel's recent history, the Night of the Red Scarves.

    The people demand accountability.

    The people demand answers.

    House Tammarast supports the people.

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