Selunite Posters and Pamphlets

  • These notices appear near the Palace of Wonders in Oldtown, the Citadel, and one of them near the Shylocks pub.

    alt text

    On the back of them is written;

    Never lose hope.

    Suffers of Lycanthropy, seek the unjudging light of Our Lady in Silver.
    Life may ebb and flow, but hope springs eternal.
    Those wishing a path out of the darkness, seek for her guidance.
    You are not alone.
    Many walk in fear and darkness.
    But there is another path.
    And I can guide you.
    Ask for the Moonlight Thorn.
    All talks are confidential, none turned away.

  • Following the; Tammarast's Test of Purity post, these posters are refreshed, with an additional notation added:

    alt text
    Lycanthropy can be a gift.
    True strength comes from within.
    Mastery can be attained.
    Demi-humans still have souls.
    I will fight for you.
    Money means nothing to me.
    You are not alone.

    Seek Moonlight, at Albons.

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