Frozen screen (almost) and slow loading

  • Hey, it's been a few years since I last played here. Yesterday I logged in even though the loading screen was a bit slow. Finally ig, watching my pc and all but my screen was almost frozen/unplayable.

    Anyone knows what might be the cause and what might fix the issue?
    Thanks in advance 🙂

  • I had some issues along those lines when I first came back. Biggest issue was the haks not loading properly on my computer setup and then not being activated, then I found out I had to download my nvidia game experience center which updates something and allowed the game to run without crashing.

  • Yeah, realized singleplayer was doing fine so must be something with the haks. Reinstalled and updated my nvidia GeForce Experience and updated drivers. Still got trouble. Know what kind of specific updates it did?
    Also I still can't make the HAK launcher working... Link to pic of my CoA launcher

    EDIT: Tried a bit more in singleplayer. It's bad there too, just not as bad as on CoA where my fps is more like 7 fpm.

  • Admin [DM]

    download a new version of the arabel hak launcher. It SHOULD be fixed.

  • Tried that several times and got all the haks now. Still same problem. I'll try reinstalling nwn.

  • Hmm

    Compatibility mode
    Some of the .INI files, turning off or down to 0 for all switches where possible

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