Letter: Archmage Kanthea Ferelven [DM]

  • Tower

    Archmage Kanthea,

    As I'm sure you're aware, there has been a frightening surge in Abyssalism within Arabel's Old Town, with the presence of a Quasit that has been providing those whom wish it with contracts that can provide them with great powers when properly translated.
    There is information that I would rather avoid sharing via pen, and would wish to speak with you to get your opinion as the foremost authority on the Lower Planes, as well as keep you appraised of the situation properly.

    Let me know if a brief meeting is palatable for yourself and I shall make my way to your tower.

    Scholar Baltasar de la Concha, Oghma's Lion of Amn, Arabellian Scriptorium.

  • I will call for you soon.

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