Letter to the Purple Dragon Garrison

  • To whom it may concern,

    I am writing in regards to the Battlemage Geoffrey Blackwinter, the fourthborn son of Lord Blackwinter of Suzail, who is currently stationed here. Consider this an official commendation of his actions in a situation of great importance and danger. After an extended combat and march with a Hag coven in the Hullack under the orders of Lord Mertoi of Eastway, we happened upon a ritual site holding a vast amount of untapped power.

    The Battlemage uncovered its use, and the heretical way in which it was powered, which was by blood sacrifice, and with the aid of a powerful magical reagent in the form of Mythalite, risked his life in service to dispel the heretical magic. It is safe to say he succeeded. Battlemage Blackwinter is not only the finest Battlemage I have worked with, but easily the most skilled Purple Dragon, performing a feat I would have described as 'nearly impossible'.

    I would see him recommended for a badge of model service, or bravery.

    Retainer Eagus Kamon, of House Mertoi.

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