A poem posted in Old Town

  • A street urchin would put up posters with some haste, having been paid enough gold to grin wide enough that it would probably hurt.

    The caring fox kept her cubs,
    She watched them yip and mew,
    She kept them safe and kept them fed,
    Her lovely lonely few.
    An Eagle spied upon them,
    Perched on a branch of bark,
    Hearing plaintive yips and mews,
    Saw an easy mark.

    The Eagle stole the Fox's cubs,
    And hid them in a tree,
    The outraged fox thought a plan,
    A threat to see them free,
    The fox, without a second thought,
    Set a branch ablaze,
    Wielding fire in her hands,
    She said "Your nest will soon be razed-
    The flames will lap the sky for wings,
    I will drive you from your home,
    My branch a second sun to wield,
    Scorching where you roam."

    The Eagle blanched at the threat,
    They'd caused the humble harm,
    And now the fox had risen up,
    An involuntary call to arm,
    The Eagle led the pups to ground,
    The Fox's cubs they'd give,
    The Fox let go the burning branch,
    And let the Eagle live.'

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