Temple of Lathander, Eveningstar

  • Honored Dawnbringers,

    Fair Dawn to you and may Lathander shine upon us. I wished to introduce myself as fitting of registration with the local clergy that officially speak in his name.

    I am Claudia Belmont, an Aasimar blessed with lineage from one of Lathander's divine servants. I have taken clerical oaths and seek to defend the faith in a militant fashion. I wish to declare my mission on behalf of Lathander in Arabel:

    To demonstrate and promote the righteousness and proof of Lathander's teachings by monitoring a tiefling who rejects her evil heritage in favor of the Church's close ally, the Moonmaiden. Unfortunately this mission has taken a turn for the worse, in her attempt to ensure another fiendblood joined her in Selune's light, a strange course of actions has occurred and prevents this, largely due to foolishness of mortals who don't understand matters of the divine. I'm more than happy to present myself at the Temple to discuss, as this is largely something I wish not to commit to paper due to security reasons.

    To sum up my mission, I'm acting as a warden in a way of a tiefling rejecting her ancestry, demonstrating that in accordance with Lathander's commandments, no evil is without redemption, nor shall the sword and flame be the only ways that an evil entity will see the end of wickedness and walk in the light and glory of the Sun.

    While I recognize I am merely an adventurer cleric and hold no authority or capability to speak for our Church, I wished it be known that there are still adventurers in this land of tolerance of undeath and evil that hold faith in the Morninglord and will spread his teachings.

    Walk in Lathander's Light.

    Claudia Belmont

  • Admin [DM]


    Blessed be Lathander, to send me beautiful angels to perform such honourable deeds in Arabel's time of need. Your task is most passionate and kind, to guide this unfortunate soul from the wall of faithless to the path of rebirth and light.

    Bring forth the scorned and the burned, let them find shelter in my temple and I shall preach the words of Lathander to you and them. Selune will be their guide, but Lathander shall be their protector.

    Johannes Marigold

    p.s. Your heart is as beautiful as your soul

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