Reverend Mother Caria (Temple of Ilmater)

  • Reverend Mother Caria,

    You receive these sorts of letters more than anyone should, I am deeply ashamed to be adding to them but Philip spoke highly of you on the occasions we discussed his younger years. I feel a person’s memory is shared with this world on the foundation of those who helped shape it early in life.

    I have always known the Crying God to be a bearer of terrible burdens, but I would like to thank you for helping Philip Randles find his way early in life and- whether by implication or under your direct tutelage- go on to want to help people in the militia. We were friends for a month, but I can tell you and the church had an big impact on his life and while his body may be gone, through him you’ve eased many burdens and helped spread some good in the world.

    He was a human, he had failings like we all do, but I would like to think he’s lived a life in keeping with the spirit of Ilmater and yourself. For that, and on his behalf, thank you.


    Ophirae Miavyre
    Herald of Akadi

  • Admin [DM]

    [received with a tired smile.]

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