Letter: Warden Amblecrown

  • Warden,

    I could not help but notice the rise in infernal activities within Old Town, nor that you are currently well understaffed. With the war in the Dales coming to an end, I have received a large surge in fresh and battletested officers, wishing to do what is best for Cormyr.

    As per agreement, my soldiers shall not operate nor enforce the Law within your City Walls, but should you find yourself in need, we are only a days travel from Arabel, and can in a short span of time supplement your forces from our offices at the docks.

    With all that has occured with Gorstag, Randles and Dayliss, I can only imagine how strained you and your privates are.

    I promised Lord Lhal when she ended Martial Law, that we would assist should you need it. And because of it, I pen this missive to inform you, that through the gnome Stranger and Dayliss, an Executioner Device for the Penal Legion you currently have protecting all of Downtown and outside Lord Lhals estate, has been fallen into the hands of the Chaos Brigade.

    No one else knows of this, which may allow you time enough to do something about it, before something bad occurs.


    Lionar Evelyn Bleucroft
    Pathfinder of His Majesty's Royal Scouts

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