Letter to Lord Warden Myrmeen Lhal

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    To our good Lord and Warden Lhal

    On this day, the Seraphs of the Calahan guild, with the help of many notable adventurers. Bannerman Eagus, Joseph Falconer, Ophirae, Private Randles and Baltasar to name a few, as well as a good number of purple dragons, banded together in a final assault to take out the Shattered Tusk tribe of Orcs within the Hullack forest whom threatened the safety of Eastway.

    I bring this to your attention because were it not for a few Purple Dragon soldiers that had been stationed there temporarily, the orcs would have raised the village while our group was taking out their main forces.

    I write to you because I believe Eastway holds great importance towards the future of the north, and it sorely needs to be protected after this day.
    Arabel was hailed as the Caravan city, but the times have been harsh on this title, the roads are ever more dangerous and I believe bringing to Arabel its proper title, a bustling economy and its former shine would start with villages such as Eastway.

    With villages like Eastway comes the obvious need to protect them, which in turn means keeping its immediate surroundings safe, as well as main trade routes to and from it. Having villages like Eastway between Arabel and major trade cities means having safer roads with more stops for Caravans to resupply and rest at.

    To my eyes northern Cormyr is a great gem waiting to be polished, I would like to make it shine truly and for this to happen we need safety and a bustling economy. I would relish the opportunity of having my guild assist in offering both.

    I've spoken with the Lords living in Eastway and mister Kraliqh and wished to offer to take on the role of protecting Eastway, I would create a rank within the Seraphs to which villagers looking to defend the village could join, the Seraphs would train and equip them, and the roads and surroundings would be safe once more. Your blessings in this endeavor would be both momentous and pivotal in having the northern lords work together under its warden to polish our gem of a country.

    Eastway is a fixer upper, but fortune favors the bold, with your endorsement, people would move in, trade would grow and caravans would start rolling into Arabel as it once did.

    With regards, for king and country.
    ~Joan Calahan

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    I will meet with you when I find the time.


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