[Letter: Militia, Lieutenant Sergei]

  • Lieutenant,

    I am writing to you this day to enquire to the reason behind the demotion of the erstwhile Sergeant Randles.

    It is the experience and opinion of House Tammarast that the now Private Randles was among the most competent of your men, not two days past he made up an essential part of the team to avenge my Lord's caravan, stolen away by Orc raiders. Breaking the orc ranks and seeing another tribe of the monsters put to the sword.

    Among the law abiding citizenry of the city he is seen as an icon of their Militia, to be demoted for carrying out his duty seems absurd and flies in the face of reason.

    Yours sincerely,

    Retainer Hollister Blackwood
    House Tammarast

    By the Labour of our hands shall we thrive

  • Admin [DM]

    I suppose being complicit in an act of torture with a now wanted criminal isn't worthy of demotion. If he was as stellar and stalwart as you say he was, he'd have reported it immediately, not waited weeks thus permitting Gorstag to escape justice.

    I guess he didn't tell you that part. Additionally, Malark was wanted alive. Murdering a wanted criminal who is wanted -alive- is murder. Frankly, the man is lucky he isn't swinging from the noose himself.

    Lt. Sergei

  • Admin [DM]

    //letter retconned. Sorry. New response forthcoming.

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