Letter to Lieutenant Sergei

  • Lieutenant Sergei of the Arabel City Milita,

    I write to you regarding the demotion of former Sergeant Philip Randles. Consider this a formal letter of complaint and a friendly warning that you have made a stupid mistake. I do not say such lightly, as you have demoted the only active Sergeant, at least the only legitimate and non-corrupt Sergeant of Arabel to have done anything in defence of this city, as your motto would claim.

    The man killed a known infernalist, a known murderer, and someone who was apprehended at the scene of the crime having just murdered another for ritual sacrifice. While it is regrettable that he was killed rather than having been detained to the fullest extent of the law and due process, this was a dangerous individual who would've been trying his fullest to murder your Sergeant.

    With rumours of the reformation of the Old Town gangs, the need for an active Sergeant with the ability to keep the gate locked, and keep the border between the criminal town and both Downtown and the Citadel is of the utmost importance. A storm is rolling in, and you just burned down the only ship willing to sail it.

    Stay vigilant,
    Bannerman Eagus Kamon.

  • Admin [DM]

    I suppose being complicit in an act of torture with a now wanted criminal isn't worthy of demotion. If he was as stellar and stalwart as you say he was, he'd have reported it immediately, not waited weeks thus permitting Gorstag to escape justice.

    I guess he didn't tell you that part.

    Lt. Sergei

  • Admin [DM]

    //letter retconned. Sorry. New response forthcoming.

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