A Dark Tome

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    [Shuffled aside into a dusty corner, this mainly dismissed and mocked book remains away from the majority of the public]

    A Dark Tome

    Written by a Mad Man

    Death to all who oppose Cyric. Bow down before his supreme power, and yield to him the book of those that do not believe in his supremacy. Fear and obey those in authority, but slay those that are weak, of good persuasion or false prophets.

    Battle against all clergy of other faiths, for they are false prophets and force who oppose the One True Way. Bring death to those that oppose Cyric's church or make peace, order and law for only Cyric is the true authority and all other authority must be subverted.

    Break not into open rebellion, for marching armies move the false deities to action. Fell one foe at a time and keep all folk afraid, uneasy and in constant strife. Any method or means is justified if it brings about the desired end.

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