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  • Builders Guild

    I figured it was probably a good idea to make a topic concerning any issues that crop up with the new forums, improvement ideas that could be made, or concerns. This way we can troubleshoot.

    Currently the new forums doesn't have the Issue Tracker/ticket system the old one had so, for lack of a better place to post stuff... Here's the topic to do it in.

  • I cannot access my forum - Crown forces, despite it saying I am a member.

  • Builders Guild

    Yeah, it seems that the player faction section of the forums is not available. But the faction forums contained within said section are actually available. I managed somehow to get into the Calahan Guild's player faction forum, but you can't actually navigate your way there normally via the forum because access to the "Player Faction" section is prohibited... it's weird.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Corvid Consortium

    the link that was sent in the reset email didnt work.

    i removed the www. at the start and inserted a . between nodebb and cityofarabel and the link then worked correctly.

    just posting so others can see the issue and fix.

  • On the old forum I was able to edit old posts made by anyone on the Militia forum, this allowed me to update old files without cluttering it with copies. Something I'd like to see back pretty soon. Especially so I can fix some of the code we have that doesn't work with the new system.

  • Crimson Guard

    There also doesn't seem to be a way to PM people.

  • Storyteller [DM]

    The Application link is broken. And the suggestion for how to structure your Application probably is not very helpful anymore.

  • It seems everyone's groups are tagged by their usernames too, so if you are in secret faction it looks like it will be spoiled via your username.

  • Admin [DM]

    Working on it.

  • Builders Guild

    Sithspawn fixed the player factions and dm factions forum looks like (as in, they're visible for players now, but only the groups you're meant to have access to that is.)

    The issue of groups being visible in the group section and showing who's in them should be an easy fix. In the administrator panel for those groups there is an option to make the group non visible to people who aren't in said group, the downside is they can't apply to join in the group and have to be invited by the people in them... But if it was a secretive group that's how it should work anyway.

    It's just a matter of the people with access to those groups administrator pannels getting around to doing that is all. (mostly dm's when they get around to it)

    I think the recovery email not working well issue can probably be fixed on the dm side as well? They should be able to tweak with the content of the recovery email to make it more userfriendly and whatnot.

    There is an issue I've noticed that concerns the "Read/Unread" button at the top of the screen. It looks as if that button will update any time someone posts in a section of the forum or subsection that's set to "watch" which is the green and/or orange button toggle that appears on the top left side of most sections.

    The problem is that the watch function is by default set to ON for every single section. This causes an issue because it's set to on for sections that players might not have access to (like the dm forums, faction forums and whatnot)

    In short, you'll be getting notifications that people posted somewhere and when you check on it, there'll be no posts available because you don't have access to the place where people posted lol. I'm not sure if dm's have the ability to set whether or not the default state of a section is watch or unwatch?
    For the most parts players can unwatch whichever section they have access to and don't want to be notified when someone posts in it (like the off topic forum for example)

  • I have noticed that when you are in a thread you can mark it "unread" easily, but why can I not mark entire forums as read rather than feeling like the system is forcing me to click on absolutely every single post to clear out the "posts unread counter" at the top that makes the counter a useless tool

  • @verk - There's a "chats" button just to the left of your user avatar in the header on the top of the screen.

  • @O-louth I think the quote in your name through the system for a loop. I've changed it to a dash to see if the problems subside for you. Kick the tires.

  • Admin [DM]

    @MrPenguin-Phil at the bottom of posts there is a 3-dot pancake that if you click on it, it opens a drop-down menu. There should be an Edit option from there. Try that.

  • @Echo
    Not talking about editing my posts. On the old forum, if given the right permissions you could edit other peoples posts. useful for updating old files without making a copy.

  • Admin [DM]

    @MrPenguin-Phil You should be able to do that with other people's posts since I made you a group owner...

  • There is apparently a difference between whether you can see a forum, and whether you are allowed to post in a forum. Are others in dm factions and such experiencing the same?

  • I can't access the downloader application.
    Trying to download things manually, I realized that the override and TLK links are broken, while the HAK links work fine now.

  • Admin [DM]

    Faction members should now have the correct accesses

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