Posters put up throughout the Citadel and North Arabel

  • An unsigned poem is placed throughout the Citadel and North Arabel

    The Gnome you call Stranger, most loathesome and foul
    He kidnaps your children, while in shadows he'll prowl
    He steals them away, hidden in bags
    For grim powers he sells them, to terrible hags

    Petition the Warden, to order his death
    See that he’s hunted as he draws his foul breath
    The darkness he summons, in shadows he dwells
    Too wretched by far, for a night in the cells

    He threatens my people, with a terrible curse
    Our future is threatened, to fatten his purse
    He robs from our nobles, our people he’s bled
    Nobody is safe, till the foul wretch is dead

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