Priestess of Jergal

  • Together, with a large group of 'adventures' many undead were returned to their grave in the name of Jergal. While doing this task we came on a powerful vampire, shrouded in souls as protection, who seemed to be the cause of the hoards of undead filling the area. The creatures name is Shyressa and the cowardly Leach has clung to life for much much longer than her allotted time should have allowed.
    While I could not get to the creature and fight it there I am sure it would have slain me with easy, something I was more than willing to accept at the time. But instead, before the group and the eyes of Jergal, I have sworn in a blood oath that I will not find rest while this creature continues to defy the Lord's order.
    I hope that this is a step in the right direction to being accepted into the order of the church as you ordered me to do.
    Malaki 'The Harvester'


  • Admin [DM]

    The temerity of this witch to deny her appointed end rankles the Church of the End of all Things. We'd have quietly ignored her existence if she did not so willfully and wantonly defile the dead, and remain secluded till the end of all things arrived to claim her.

    Make it clear that disobedience towards one's rightfully appointed end shall result in the harsh judgment of the Church of Jergal. Inflict upon her the violent End that she chose when she embraced this false eternity. Do so, and you will have proven you require greater resources to pursue the goals of the End of Everything.

    -The Companions of the Pallid Mask

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