Factions and Special Positions

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    This forum contains details of all the DM-supported factions that you can join. Factions usually have a non-application position you can join in game to work with existing members. Promotion to a full-fledged faction member will require an application.

    Available Factions:

    Special Positions

    These are usually positions that aren't fully associated with any major factions in the server, but still offer some perks. Positions will be added or removed as appropriate, depending on in-game circumstances.

    Please note, unlike DM factions, these positions do not imply guaranteed DM support; It's up to the player to provide a compelling narrative with the tools provided to them. We will look for evidence of this in the application.

    Available Positions:

    Anything Else:

    • If there is anything else you can imagine, that you want to try, you can apply for it. Just remember, the more off-the-wall, the less likely we can approve it. Talk ideas out with a DM ahead of time if it'll help.
    • This includes having a custom area or location built into the module, DMs will typically prefer to build these if we approve the application; but a building guide is being developed.

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    Updated, Crown Forces has been removed and replaced with Agents of the Crown.
    Added in Foreign Agents, House of the Dead and Red Wizard of Thay