Letter to Vixen

  • Magus Vixen of the Spire,

    Firstly, forgive my ignorance in matters of the Arcane, theory of this level is quite new to me and I appreciate the time you take in just reading this.
    My question is in regards to the missing children of Arabel and Eastway, and toward the place they have been taken to, referred to as the Lavender Fields.
    I have been told that it is a Pocket Plane and, regarding your skills with portals, I was wondering if it is possible to create a portal to a pocket plane should you know enough information about it?

    If you can, I would ask what information you would require; reagents you might need, pay you would collect. If this task is possible, write me back such and I will see it happen.

    Eagus Kamon, Watcher of Helm.

  • Admin [DM]

    Hi Watcher!

    Sounds dark, do you wear black? Why does Helm need watching? I thought HELM was the one watching. Maybe it is us who watches helm.. or do you act as Helm's eyeball? Strange, maybe I will be the eyeball of Shaundakul! Or his heel, I think the heel would be pretty neat.

    Oh pocket planes! Well, it could be or it could not be I never been there! Who knows? To get anywhere however, I need a strong magical link to the area. Usually an object or something similar, people who has been there don't work cause well, walking on the land don't tie you to it! Hehe, ties. Oh yeah, if someone dies a HORRIBLE and PAINFUL death in the area, it would be great to use something of theirs or their bones. Dead people make excellent focus points, there it always a little bit of bitterness left in the weave. Unless they are children, then they just grow attached and dead children are the best focus points. Good thing people around Arabel die all the time!


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