Rules: Faction and Plot Items

  • Admin [DM]

    Faction Items

    If by any event in the game, whether as part of a plot or accidentally, you come across a faction only item (such as a guard's armor or a key to a chest) or get access to a faction only area (by gaining a key or magic access to it), notify a DM IMMEDIATELY. Usage of faction only resources by non members should be done only under DM supervision to avoid metagaming of all the NPCs and checks that might be triggered by an impostor or a thief. Looting faction chests without notifying the DMs is particularly lame, and will be detected and may result in bans.

    If you have any item from a faction you don't belong to, notify the DMs immediately. This is not optional, people. Follow the instructions or bad things WILL happen.

    Notify a DM - You are required to notify a DM if you come into lasting possession of faction gear. You don't need to tell us if a Faction member died and you happened to get their gear, and plan to give it back. But if you happen to get it, and plan to keep it, you -must- notify a DM that you have it, and what you plan to do with it.

    Faction Gear is Unique - This means no amount of dye, alterations, etc will be enough to make it so you can wear it without fear of an NPC guard, PC, etc noticing that the equipment belongs to a certain faction. Therefore, don't get caught parading around in dyed Purple Dragon equipment, and expect no one will notice.

    -Violation to point 1 can result in character deletions.
    -Abuse and the attempt to sidestep Point 2 through metagaming (dying faction gear and using it as ph4t l3w7, etc) will result in the removal of said equipment.

    Contact the DM team about the faction gear/item through PM, include your character name, player account, the Faction gear you have, and what you plan to do with it.

    Plot Items

    Plot items are not meant to be stored in persistant storage. If you acquire a plot item and especially one that is sought by many characters for various reasons, do not hide it away in persistant storage completely destroying any chances that it is taken back from you until the time comes to use it. You carry it around, or hand it to another character unless you have a DM permission to store it.

    Always notify a DM if you collect an item which states you should contact a DM if you find it, this is normally noted in the item description.