Rules: Respect and toxic behaviour

  • Admin [DM]

    Respect and toxic behaviour

    If you have a complaint that cannot be resolved with the players in question, you bring it to the DMs and no one else. You do not bring it up in Discord, forums, send abusive tells to the player you have a disagreement with, or anything of the sort. Once again, if you are found to have been abusive, no matter how grievous your disagreement with the player, you will be banned.

    Harassing or insulting other players is against the rules. Never insult another player, even if they have insulted you first, or you will both be banned. Screenshot and email to the DM team instead. This applies to Discord as well. We do not tolerate abusive behaviour against DMs either, if you have an issue with a DM bring your concern to the whole DM team.

    We will ban you if you do not treat other players and DMs with respect in Discord, forums, or in game. This includes not just insulting people, harassing people, but it also includes 'sour grape' attitudes of claiming other people are only getting rewarded because they're DM favorites, hostile vitriolic that brings a toxic attitude to the community, and even passive aggressive 'complaints about how other people get noticed for things even though you do more'.

    Its a game, its suppose to be fun. If you kvetch because other people are getting rewards you wanted, then you're forgetting the game is about fun and the rewards were just there to help make things fun for everyone not just you. When DMs reward a player with a piece of loot, or prestige, or a quest–-it brings more fun, conflict, interaction for everyone else too. Yes, DMs have favorite characters, characters who are doing things to make fun for other players always are our favorite characters--but its not about the player behind that character but what that player is doing through the character to make things fun. You want to be a DM favorite, don't kvetch that you're not, emulate the people getting rewards, seek their advise on what they're doing, ask a DM what you can do to make more fun for people (even if you have limited playtimes or are just a casual player wanting a little more excitement).