Rules: Exploitation and Item Transfer

  • Admin [DM]


    Exploitation of bugs to gain gold, experience, duplicate items, or such, will almost certainly result in a permanent ban. Using combat exploits to gain extra attacks, avoid attacks of opportunity or normal combat attacks will result in sanctions against your character. This also include "Too good to be true" situations were you gain from the game systems with little or no risk. If you find something exploitable, send us a report ASAP via email or by Clicking on the link bellow.

    Failure to report exploitation and instead exploiting it will result in serious consequences. Regardless of how much the dm team, or other players may love you, or your character. Playing successful characters or being a veteran player will not prevent us from vault wiping your account when we catch exploiters.

    Click here for CoA's Issue tracker

    • This tracker is used for reporting issues, exploits or submitting plots for the dm team to peruse. A more thorough explanation on how it works can be found Here

  • Admin [DM]

    Item Transfer

    Item transferring is a bannable offense. It doesn't matter if you transfer a healing kit or a Fullplate +2. At the very least, it will result in deletion of all your characters and this include your friend's character should they be taking part in an in-direct item transfer. It's not worth it, so don't do it. This include gold transfer, leaving loot on the ground either directly on the ground and in chests/faction storage/monster corpses, leaving killed monster corpses/hides for your other PCs to collect from, using a friend IG as an indirect transfer. Just don't do it.

    Old player characters in possession of powerful equipment SHALL NOT transfer that equipment to other characters. This goes for any powerful DM loot or old gear which has been re-balanced, but use your common sense. We will take a particularly dim view of anything we see as a deliberate attempt to get such equipment into circulation on the cheap or for free. It is also include logging in old characters with extremely powerful items and selling them en masse.