Small flyers and posters in Old Town

  • a number of small flyers are found in Old Town, along with posters in the Old Town market, Shylocks, and near the Old Town arena within sight of the Temple of the Triumverate

    **The one you call Mamma, weaves spells in the dark
    She looks pretty harmless, shes really a shark
    She uses fell curses to blow up your houses
    Without care for the harm to your loved ones and spouses

    I ask ye good people, to attack this foul wench
    Put her head on display, the rest in a trench
    Grand assault on her home, I do humbly request
    Attack this vile witch, tear her heart from her chest**

  • Admin [DM]

    [Many supports of the Chaos Brigade mutter in agreement calling for Mamma's death, yet the vast majority of Old Town are disgusted with the encouragement to kill children. Some claiming the woman to be a coward hiding herself behind a wall of innocent flesh.]

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