A letter to Lord Tarmikos at the King's Theater

  • Storyteller [DM]

    Lord Tarmikos,
    ~ Most Noble Patron of Art

    Perhaps you have heard my most humble name recently. Though it's still a trifling matter, I do believe I've been mentioned here and there in a few writings and poems.

    I am Toussaint Avantageux, the Errant of Sune, Knight of Hearts, Hagmate, Savior of Children, Patron of Bards, and Ruby Hero.

    I must say that I am most impressed with your life-long dedication to the arts and the culture of our beloved Arabel. At a recent cocktail party held in mine honour within Maleen's Spire (to commemorate me and mine most honoured companions in the saving of the children) I did have a chance to speak with thine Steward for but a few minutes. The man did encourage me to write you a letter to introduce myself, and 'tis the letter thou art now reading.

    The Dogma of Lady Firehair is clear - it guides us to "acquire beautiful items of all sorts, and encourage, sponsor, and protect those who create them." I myself have a collection of cut gems, although it pales in comparison with thine bountiful pieces of art. Surely, thou art a noble blessed by the hand of Sune, and she would charge me with supporting you in all endeavours that trouble the House of Tarmikos and thineself in particular.

    For this reason let it be known that the Errant of Sune doth proclaim his willingness to aid thine House in all matters, on the singular condition that the task does not clash with mine religious commitment. Although, being one such as thee who art so blessed by mine Lady, I see little chance for this. Perhaps we can meet one day soon and we can speak of how thou would make thine mark of beauty upon this city? Thou hath influence in the higher courts I am sure, and I would be most delighted to assist you in any undertakings thou would begin in the name of culture and beauty.

    Perhaps I might even be as forward as suggesting that thine most honoured House would see interest in having greater Sunite presence in the city? A temple or shrine to commission, even…

    Toussaint Avantageux
    Errant of Sune & Knight of Hearts

  • _> Knight Errant,

    Come to the theater next time you are passing by and one of my daughters can see hear your thoughts in person.

    Lord Tarmikos_

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