Wand Crafting

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    City of Arabel has a slightly altered system for wandcrafting in place, the instructions on how to craft wands in Arabel are as follows.

    1. First you need the wandcrafting feat, its prerequisites are the same as default nwn (You need to be a level 5 spellcaster before taking the feat).

    2. Second, you need to buy an uncharged wand from a merchant (or find an uncharged wand).

    3. Set how many charges you want the wand to have by typing ".wandcharges #" without the quotation marks. Where the # symbol represents the number of charges you want the wand to have. Note that if you don't use this dot command, your wand will default to the maximum amount of charges (25).

    4. Cast your desired spell on the uncharged wand, this will charge the wand and take from your character the amount of gold needed to craft the wand. The wand will be charged but not fully crafted yet (Note that if you don't have enough gold, it will not take gold from you but your spell will still be used up and you won't have a charged wand).

    5. Finally, to finish crafting the wand, you need to place the charged wand on a wand crafting table (they can be found in various crafting areas on the server). When you close the wand crafting station after placing your charged wand on it, a menu will pop up allowing you to make progress on crafting your wand. Some wands will take a few rest cycles to fully craft (usually higher circle wands).

    6. Be sure not to forget to take your wand out of the crafting table when you're done!

    You can find a list of the wands that can be made and the price to make them by clicking on the following link.

    Wand Crafting Price List

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