Out of Game / Leaving Thread

  • I'm out for now folks, haven't really been ig much at all recently, and don't quite see myself coming back till numbers pick up. Won't be able to play at all once the EE switch is made, till the intel bug is fixed at the least.

    Soooo I'll not be ig I guess for awhile.

  • Until EU CoA is Velsharoon’ed, and rises from its grave, it is good bye for me as well. CoA singleplayer is not my favorite game.

  • @citizenbane @solarfall

    It would be awesome of you guys could come though. 😛

  • @citizenbane I'd like to see bon jovi too 😨

  • Admin [DM]

    Back in the game

  • Christian Parents are reducing the amount of time I'll be able to spend gaming due to the fact that they are.. and I am quoting here.. 'afraid that I am bringing in demons into the house with games that involve magic'.

    I am currently living at home whilst I finish my college studies, and thus even though I am at the age of 23 years old, I must comply with their requests as I do not want to live on the streets and cannot finish my studies on the streets. As I am broke. And it is their house.

    So my comp will be moved to the living room, which means my times gaming are drastically reduced. I, will, however still have a presence on the forums and will be able to at least long on for an hour or two, maybe three, if I am lucky. Message me if you want to find me in game for role play on discord.

    Sorry AppleFritos, probably won't be in any voice calls any time soon.

    On the brightside, maybe my grades will improve. XD

  • @lady-of-dungeons I feel your pain. As someone leading a youth group in a catholic church, I had to deal with this attitude when I started a PnP group for the guys.
    It wasn't entirely simple to convince the troubled mother that I hadn't changed profile after eight years of raising children in a supportive christian community and turned to Satan.
    However, I suggest mentioning that the whole idea was a media-hack of certain miniature american churches in an effort not to thwart the word of God to spread but to earn some manner of recognition. Except if they are members of the same churches, in which case--- I probably can't imagine your difficulties. 🙂

  • Didn't know this still existed. I heard about it happening in the 1980s.

    That sucks, Lady. ):

    Tell them you play a crusader of god who fight evil or something. 😛

  • Yes, but then she's playing a crusader of a god who isn't the one true god, which is just as bad. Trust me, if people want to see evil anywhere, they'll see it.

  • Lathander's probably the closest though.

  • @Lady-of-Dungeons


    I was raised in a religious-free zone. Never even gave the idea any serious thought until my late teens. I can’t imagine someone thinking so negatively about another person (especially a loved one) based on game preference. These things just aren’t real. That’s part of what makes our stories on Arabel so compelling, they are disconnected from reality and allow us to immerse ourselves in a world that isn’t as chaotic as our own.

    If you need to talk, I’m always up for a chat. Hope to see you in game sooner rather than later.

  • My parents are Jehovah’s witnesses. The religion is their life and it is put before family, love, and other things in life. To be clear, the religion, itself, is not wrong or corrupt. It has many good values that I personally believe in, but some aspects can be taken in a very extremist manner and some do.

    Unfortunately, to play a game where you ‘worship’ even fake deities is considered heretical and would be enough of an excuse to cast me out. All forms of magic, even make believe or otherwise, is typically associated with the Occult or pagan origins even if it really isn’t. My parents are religious to the point of fanaticism. I’ve likened it to cultism before but it’s not quite that dark. I wasn’t attempting to seek sympathy with my post, but the amount of response I’ve gotten in both private messages and here is overwhelming. I honestly didn’t expect that kind of response and I’m a bit moved by it and by how so many people of this community are so understanding and caring. Thank you to everyone for the kind and encouraging words. It’s been pretty hard the last few weeks especially, so I really appreciated it.
    @Moosh @CrystalRL @SadGruffman

    @AronFF @Gruffman @Mind-Over-Body

  • I hope you can rejoin us soon Lady. I'll normally be around in discord to send music links and if you want to rant. I'm pretty much an atheist myself.

  • Just convert him, and they can't complain!

  • If I’m cc’d twice does that make me more important than these other baffoons? Looking at you @Mister-Moosh

  • My dear grandma used to love the saying "You need to either shit, or get off the pot." Always loved that saying, but sometimes it's hard. I loved CoA, loved getting back into the world I spent so long and became so invested in, back in the day. It was so cool seeing quests I hadn't before, getting to see old faces I knew and meet new faces. Good times all around.

    The problem I had is that as the Honeymoon phase ended, I started to realize the way I wanted to play the game didn't jive with how the setting and the mechanics dictated the game should be played. I tried a few different characters, concepts, even applied for a position. Regardless of the story and cool people around my characters, the mechanics kept distracting me from the awesome parts and slowly burned me out. As I don't want to be that guy and complain, I tried taking some time off. When I came back, the game just didn't do anything for me anymore, the issues I had were still issues for me. Add to it that BattleTech and Pillars of Eternity 2 came out and instead of slugging through a game I was no longer enjoying, I went and played games I knew I would enjoy.

    Now it turns out my buddies and I just finished Curse of Strahd and I'll be DMing next and when I'm not playing those other games I'm working on setting Roll20 up to DM.

    Long story short, I'm probably done for the foreseeable future. I'm sorry I really am, I wish I could conform to how the setting and mechanics dictate I should play, but I can't. I'd rather say I'm done then drag people's emotions any longer.

    Not gonna leave the Discord, so I'll be around if you want to chat, just message me. You all as a crew rock and I enjoyed rekindling my love for NWN, but it's time to move on.

    Love you all though!


  • Gone for good I think this time around. Don't want to start up the argument again, but recent events just kinda pushed me over the edge. Still love you all and this community in general. If anyone wants to chit-chat and all that, my discord is CMDR Melander#3062 - don't be a stranger.

  • Sorry to see you go Moosh. Was good to see another real old timer about. Thanks for the fun while we got to hang out.

  • Don't be a decade long stranger though Moosh; keep in touch mate.

  • Out of game for the weekend. (Saturday and Sunday)
    A funeral, a birthday dinner and a mass for my dad's 1 year anniversary of his passing... so... yeah.

    Will get EE on Monday. Probably will bug you guys to point me in the right direction. coughs I may or may not have a Steam account yet. whistles innocently

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