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    The High Road may be confusing to those whom have not traversed it as well as I, the Lion of Amn, have.
    In my endless pursuit for the greatest luxuria, that of Knowledge. I have created a map to allow even the simplest of minds to understand the High Road.


    1. The entrance to Old Town; where you're reading this right now.
    2. The way to the Eastern Wildlands.
    3. The way to the King's Swamp.
    4. The way to Eveningstar.
    5. The way to Marliir's March.
    6. The way to the Helmlands; dangerous.
    B. Brigand's Way, so called because of the bandits often found along the road.
    T. The entrance to the Twisted Caverns.
    *. A perpetually damp cave, possibly a good location for beginning adventurers to investigate without much danger.

    • Baltasar de la Concha, Oghma's Lion of Amn.

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    [These are refreshed.]

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