The Corporeal Flame

  • As cinders covered the night sky, Zoreth looked up, smiling… The burns on his body had begun to become whole again... Burning away impurities of a tainted bloodline so that his flesh could be mended anew by the god of purity himself, Kossuth, Lord of Flames. The sky erupted now with further blessings as the clerics who had rescued him raised a town to ash. "What has become corrupt must be born again..." He repeated it to himself many times over so that he could learn these words. This was more to him... His creed. He had already begun to receive the blessing of Kossuth's holy flame. He knew he would soon be sent off, on his own holy journey, in hopes of uniting others to the cause of The Corporeal Flame.

    The Corporeal Flame is a zealot religious group that follows the Fire Deity Kossuth. They believe in purifying the current world in flames so that it can be reborn again under the guiding eye of the Fire Lord.

    Races: All races are accepted under the eyes of the Fire Lord, so long as they are willing to wash away their impurities in the flame.
    Classes: All except Paladin. Clerics of other deities would be impossible to justify.
    Alignment: Any evil, some chaotic neutral may work.

    If you want to talk about ideas or have any interest in this concept, PM me or chuck me a chat in IRC.

  • sounds good, im going to make a char for this

  • This moving forward? Would join up for this if so.

  • This moving forward? Would join up for this if so.

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