Inquiry about the Sewers

  • _A paladin-errant goes through the library with a patient, if somewhat self-depreciating expression, picking around several of the books before asking if the library has anything on beings, powerful or magical or divine, having been spotted in the Arabel city sewers, or in the ruins beneath them.

    Specifically, she asks if there have been any instances of people gaining strange powers through compacts with those beasts, or whether there have been any sewer cults of any note before, or forgotten shrines; anything that could explain a person suddenly gaining divine abilities from the ruins, or sewers._

  • The woman comes in again with a more targeted question; there is a beast beneath the city, she says, that lives within the Effluvial Lake; she is searching for where-ever it came from, or whatever it might be, or any accounts of it from adventurers or in antiquity.

  • _The by-now annoyed, and annoying woman returns, this time leaving several books out of order and upon the table, seemingly out of spite and a sense of frustration. How, she asks, can there be such a creature as this, that is upon the Bounty Board, just over yonder, not several buildings away, and yet there is not a single thing written upon it?

    She spends some time eventually reading a few notebook scraps by Rolo, presuming, it seems, that if someone ever finds anything they'll bring it to her._

  • *The Shou Chronicler stumbles upon the woman and points her toward a book titled The Lurker. It refers to a beast who's spawns can sometime be found in the sewers. She also inform the woman they do not have anything concrete on the sewer beast and would reward whoever would write a tome on the subject.

    She also informs her there used to be a shrine to Talona below, and rumors of cults of the Slime Lord living in the sewers, but again, no tomes on the subject were ever written.*

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