That Drow Event That Just Happened

  • So, that event was pretty neat. I only caught the end bit of it in screenies because I was amusing myself watching you all die..

    But here, have that pain memorialized forever.

    Those deadly drow assassins sure live up to their name huh guys? :twisted:

    A valiant stand against Evil.. Whilst Evil watches from behind.

    Just a fraction of the army this lot went up against.

    The tired adventurers return victorious and eager for phat loot.


    Nathan being a greedy git.

    Elefson getting faction bugged.

  • Protip if you right click on the images and click "open in new tab" it'll show them fullsized, they ARE all 1080p.

  • Hey I was totally being greedy to raise my cousin!

  • Heh, I see uses of my wand everwhere XD

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