Information on the Gold Curse

  • [A small halfling with golden fingernails flits about the shelves, asking the librarians and looking through books for information on the Gold Curse: its origin, whether it is a curse of Cyric or some perverted ritual of Amauntor, how to slow or stop the process. Looking in the books but keeping it secret, he also tries to investigate if it can be transferred or spread]

  • Admin [DM]

    [The librarian appear very curious of the curse which the halfling speaks of, but sadly shakes their head and explain they have no publish material on the matter. However, the librarian do note that the Scriptorium is known to have had a member with a similar curse and advice the halfling to seek them out. The Librarian also mention rumours of other people having the curse, but if they have died to the curse or remain alive they do not know.]

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