Does anyone else…

  • Does anyone else like to read their old posts from many years ago? I haven't played in about three years but I played off and on since early 2004. And while I don't have many posts…they span the entire last decade. Reading posts from 2004-2010 reminded me of so many great characters and players. Characters and players I actually miss. So many old players have vanished into memory. I must admit to getting a bit misty reading posts from my very first characters...remembering the major plots from back then... Remembering all the factions that no longer exist...all the plots. It was really quite an experience. Too bad many of the screenshot posts now have broken links. If any of you current players have been around for five or ten years, I highly encourage you to go back and dig up some of your old just might remember something long thought lost, and smile for a moment.

  • You're not alone! I find myself doing this from time to time. Would love to have access to some of the old archived player factions I've been involved in over the years, some great memories in them I'm sure.

  • It's in my nature as Fortepedia to do such, yes.

  • I almost shed a tear the last time I did, wondering who these people were, that I spent countless hours with

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