Elthoros Research

  • _Bertilak the Guardian is seen scouring the libraries of Oghman and Mystran temples in Arabel seeking for a title of some description - a book baring relevance to this name. He makes use of minor cantrips to aid him in his search, though he is a menace.. Wherever he goes, the books often are ransacked of their knowledge by the hungry mind and then discarded into the shelves in all the wrong places.. A thesis of cow-herding finds it's way into the adepts of necromancy section, a treatise on the geological constructs of the salt plane suddenly is in the cooking section etc..

    The only thing he ever says to inquiring librarians or distraught chroniclers, one yearning desire for knowledge._ "Who is Elthoros?"

  • Chronicler Elefson sends him on his way, the library having no books or scrolls on the matter. She encourages him to find out the old fashioned way. By looking with eyes and not his mouth

  • Bertilak continues his search awaiting Captain Fantastic's input

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