Master Kraliqh, All-Owning, Most Generous, Most Skillful

  • Most Illustrious Master Kraliqh, He who Wields Command of All Things Mercantile in the North!

    I, humble Ismayil Barthes of Suzail, am a fledgling magician recently arrived from Suzail. I bring with me appetite to accumulate riches and arcane power for those who would employ me. Your reputation that reaches not only Suzail but realms further south, far and wide, makes me dare to pen this puny missive in the hopes of presenting myself as someone who can aid by putting his unworthy self into danger, sparing the trouble of hiring those too valuable to risk.

    Your servants may reach me at the Fine Hells Inn.

    Yours Most Faithfully,
    Ismayil Barthes of Suzail

  • A trio of bards arrive in front of the Kraliqh estate, singing odes to Master Kraliqh and urging him to read a letter from one Ismayil Barthes, for his fortunes may be multiplied hundredfold if he does.

  • A small black cat walks theatrically into the Kraliqh estate, placing its paws ponderously and meticulously, tail swaying languidly. An ornately tied golden ribbon straps a refined envelope and a small package to the cat's back. The envelope is addressed to Valiant Kraliqh. Inside the small package lies a superbly cut blue diamond of the highest quality, sparkling with profound depths and mysteries in the dim light of the estate.

    Most Illustrious Master Kraliqh, He who Wields Command of All Things Mercantile in the North!

    I, humble Ismayil Barthes of Suzail, have now behind me a number of auctions, exploratory and mercantile activities. Perhaps your representative too was one of the mysterious figures who appeared at my fledgling emporium's lively Third Auction at the World Serpent? Yet, I see the limits of a sole proprietorship and would reiterate my offer to benefit from a concerted approach. This time with a more substantial pledge of twenty thousand lyons of Cormyr, to be invested for the benefit of Arabel and its development through your far-reaching ventures.

    Please accept the little token of my goodwill from my loyal envoy. I would be most grateful if she can benefit from the hospitality of your grand estate until you deign to revert with a response, in whatsoever form.

    Yours most dedicatedly and expectingly,
    Ismayil Barthes of Suzail
    World Serpent Inn

  • Valiant Kraliqh observes the pretty puss with curiosity that becomes quickly outpaced by a glimmer of greed for the immaculate gem. Snatching up his prize, Valiant reads the letter and lofts a brow at the offer. After taking some time to consider the response, he begins to write.

    Mister Barthes,

    While I am quite hesitant to bring another under my wing after a troublesome spot of tax documentation theft - a foul crime of the most heinous sort, I assure you - the rapidity with which you accumulated such a large fund is most interesting.

    You must understand my position, however. Without proper signature from our young, ambitious King or similar from our headstrong Warden, I am without the privileges of proper nobility. "House" Kraliqh has not existed for many years now, you see. Thus, if it is a retainership you seek, you may be sorely disappointed.

    Now, long-term employment and apprenticeship, on the other hand, is quite another matter. I am getting old, after all, and perhaps a fleet-footed, savvy individual such as yourself (no one lodges at the World Serpent unless they are fleeing from something, dear friend) would benefit from my decades of experience.

    Swing by my estate if you can on the morrow. We'll chat.

    Valiant Kraliqh

  • Most Illustrious Master Kraliqh, He who Wields Command of All Things Mercantile in the North!

    I have the pleasure of having delivered to the Embassy of Thunderholme an initial proposal to develop deeper commercial ties, having spent past days to intensively study the Dwarven tongue and culture and socialize with the dwarves in the neighborhood. The proposal entails us helping Thunderholme with resources and adventurers to recover precious reagents for weaponry and armor, and splitting the fruits of their forging half to half, for us to sell to refined clients such as higher echelons of the army, and for them to equip their defenders with.

    The second step in the relationship would be to explore how their miners can aid us in reopening the mythalite mines and sources that have been left neglected after the fall of sieur Hardcastle. The dwarven friends are very keen on it but we may want to ensure that control measures are in place for our interests to be preserved. Such as perhaps seeing to the re-deployment of the fabled Warforged, if any may be still available.

    We are currently awaiting the outcome of their deliberations.

    I am also pleased to report that the auctions have been going well and the yields make me independent resource-wise so that no support is needed. I understand your aide was searching for me, I assume this is because of the contract that has not been finalized yet.

    Lord Tammarast has also expressed the desire to trade, in the harvests of their hunting I would assume. They seem to think however that they have the upper hand in the negotiations, which is why I counsel to wait until they see others getting ahead in benefiting from partnership with us, to come to terms with their true role in the grand scheme of things.

    Yours faithfully and subserviently,
    Ismayil Barthes of Suzail

  • _Mister Barthes,

    Your cultural forays into dwarven mannerisms is appreciated, but do be sure not to "go native." I'll not have kegs and beard-trimmers cluttering up my mansion (unless they sell for a tidy sum, of course. Do they?)

    Regarding your individual auctions, I naturally encourage you to continue operating in such a way and establishing your name. Perhaps it might even smooth over some less-than-favorable opinions the local adventuring community has about you.

    Speaking of, I received a mildly chastising letter from the Senior Retainer of House Tammarast regarding your unusual behavior in procuring - what was it, some map fragment? Please do try to be respectful particularly when engaging with nobility, Mister Barthes. While the aristocracy of Arabel does have a nasty habit of rising and falling like so many pies in an oven, our job is to sample them at the peak of flavor. Regardless, I'm informed that House Tammarast is rather small, so we may have lost a trade opportunity there for the time being. A good merchant knows when to pick up shop and move on to the next opportunity. Your pending success in Thunderholme aside, have you any thoughts regarding any other bountiful trade opportunities in the city? I'm afraid my own adventures of late have been revising taxation structures to better assist Judge Johan in handling civil affairs, so I'm rather ill-informed when it comes to the goings-on of high adventure in Arabel.

    Lastly, I am attaching a written copy of our agreement we made so many days ago that highlights the precise terms of your temporary employment under me. In short, I am willing to keep you under hire for an additional three weeks. At the conclusion of this time, I will review your record and determine if you are suitable for permanent employ. I trust this is satisfactory.

    Valiant Kraliqh_

    //Copy of employment will be given as an item when you get back!

  • Most Illustrious Master Kraliqh, He who Wields Command of All Things Mercantile in the North!

    After long and arduous negotiations we have reached agreement with the dwarves of Thunderholme but for one condition, the delicate nature of which is best left for a personal meeting so that we can figure out the way forward with all the accumulated wisdom of House Kraliqh at our disposal.

    I have thought long and hard on the other pursuits during the lonely journey to Suzail and back and came up with a few other paths to explore that I will gladly share.

    Regarding House Tammarast, your kind words are most appreciated. The truth is that I should have simply asked for more time and let the matter fade away rather than reject the man's nonsensical demands outright. I believe that his failure to settle his qualms face to face with me, as would befit a gentleman of even modest upbringing, speaks for itself. I will not make the same mistake in dealing with this particular ilk again and once a more reasonable envoy of esteemed Lord Tammarast is sent to offer us their produce, we will without doubt achieve a great success.

    Yours faithfully and subserviently,
    Ismayil Barthes of Suzail

  • Most Illustrious Master Kraliqh, He who Wields Command of All Things Mercantile in the North!

    I was most pleased to have been able to bring to your resplendent estate Ser Serwyn Tammarast with his plea for your support. The positive relationship with a scion of their family has overcome the earlier lapse, which we treated in our earlier correspondence.

    While Ser Serwyn's proposal is somewhat narrow and threatens to encumber the resources better spent elsewhere, my humble opinion is that it could be greatly enhanced if instead of the paperwork the subjects in question would be heavily taxed. It is a small population without political influence but they often carry considerable wealth gained from adventuring or other nefarious activities.

    If the Militia lacks the capacity for enforcement, perhaps this particular tax could be collected and brought to city coffers by House Tammarast guards. This will also limit the reputational exposure of official city authorities if things go awry.

    In humble hopes for your consideration of my deliberation,

    Yours faithfully and subserviently,
    Ismayil Barthes of Suzail

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