Famous Tombs of Thunderholme!

  • Sammie goes to the library, and then the Dwarven Embassy in turn, at first, looking for a book on famous dead dwarves, and the intricate tombs they'd been put in, maybe even a book on the architecture, before presenting the MYSTERIOUS key she'd won in the Thayan Arena to a few choice dwarves on the off chance they might recognize it. She'd take any books, even ones unrelated, for a good read.

    "Always good to brush up on your next tomb raid."

  • Admin [DM]

    [Whilst Sammie finds little in the new library, the dwarven Embassy is most interested in this MYSTERIOUS key Sammie has uncovered. In the end Sammie finds herself face to face with Elgyth Trollsblood, whom study the key very closely before he digs up a couple of tomes.. Speaking of various fallen clan's history, Sammie picks up a couple of dwarven clan names such as Thrivaldi, Falgrimmar, Giantslayer, Hammerfist or perhaps even the Highhammer! In the end however, the elder cannot confirm for certain wherethe key may lead. For it is very ancient and very mysterious even to Elder Trollsblood. He does however, offer some information of the [url=/forum/viewtopic.php?t=186312&p=1063824]most fabled clans]

  • Sammie is courteous and respectful, though is obviously excited when she sees the interest the dwarves show in the MYSTERIOUS key. She thanks the good dwarves for their help, and promises to bring back something for the Embassy. She then notes down information prudent to their adventure.

    Highammer - Moradin's Law buried in their tomb.
    Falgrimmar - Sigil of Clan Falgrimmar buried in their tomb, might've been stolen by Duergar.
    Hammerfist - Maybe something left by Grantle the Red?
    Thrivaldi - Might open something in the Halls.

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