The Scriptorium Gazette

  • The Scriptorium Gazette
    Issue 1

    The Dwarven Paragon

    • At the begining of the tenday, an announcement was made at the Dwarven Embassy of Arabel by Queen Brita Thunderhammer and Prince Thifur Thunderhammer. News of an attack on the Allfather was brought to the dwarven people and the adventurers present. It was also brought to the attention of all that the Allfather called forth a Paragon.

    To the uninitiated, A Paragon of the dwarven people is the best of what they are and none of the worst. The Paragon is as a Saint. They are a rare occurance, every few centuries, one is called forth in time of great need to protect his or her people.

    The quest of the dwarven people to find this Paragon has begun. He or She may be anywhere on Toril, out there protecting its people.. If you have any information on the matter, please contact the Dwarven Embassy or the Scriptorium.

    The Orcan Civil War
    Terrible sound of battles have been heard in the region and witnesses report tribes of orcs, in different war paint colors, fighting each other. Reports of late now counts at least four different tribes fighting for what some believe to be an Artefact called the Warcaller. As to what this artefact is or where it is, no information on the matter has been found.

    So far, the orcs tribes that have been seen in the region are as follow:

    Those using white war paint are called the White Claws, although some seems to call them the White Hand. They have been seen using necromancy and also swarms of bloodflies in their battle. There is also strong speculations that they are allied with the Blight. They seems to be followers of Yutrus.

    Those using red war paint are called the Blood Moon Tribe. They have been seen fighting the White Claws and battling for the Redwood. It is believed they wish the Blight Followers destroyed. They fight in the name of either Ilneval or Gruumsh, or perhaps both.

    Those using black war paint are called the Black Skulls. Not much is know on these orcs at this time. It is believed they follow Shargass.

    Those using yellow war paint have yet to be identified. Little is known on this tribe as well, though the ones encountered were powerful foes and caution is advised should they be spotted.

    Recent rumors has it that the White Claws have unleashed a beast in the swamp. Information on the matter is requested. Also, any with an effective way to remove the threat of the bloodswarm will see themselves rewarded by the Purple Dragons. Please contact your local garrison with any details on these matters.

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  • The Scriptorium Gazette
    Issue 2

    The Yellow Orcs
    Roaming the woods of the old Hullack, a beast so large and fearsome came in sight. You could hear its steps and feel the ground shake, as it came nearer and nearer a group of adventurers. Now what was this beast you would ask? An ogre? Maybe a troll? Or perhaps an ettin? Could it be a giant? One of the hills perhaps or of the mountains?

    What they saw that day was no giant, even though one could confuse it for such. This beast, my friend, was an orc! A mighty orc, so large and strong, yet pretty much quite dumb. Like many of the orcs that battle in the wild, this one too was painted for war. Its color yellow, the yellow of the Stonesmashers! It is said they earned their name for their little wits, and their love of rock smashing all day long. Smash and smash they go, surely how they got so strong? But a bird told me, they may be strong and mighty, but up there in the clouds, those heads of theirs are ringing rather empty. Knock knock? Anyone home? Oh just barely.

    So if you see the yellow painted orcs, be wary of their might! Yet if you have the smarts as our adventurers do, surely you will trick their simple little minds and bring them down too.

    Aid Mystra
    Word has spread that the Primordial Dendar the Serpent has now a slumbering Mystra in its grasps. Many arcanists and diviners of the world complain of nightmares and sleepless nights because of this. Our very one Shrinekeeper is looking aged and exhausted. Because of this awful situation, the well-known rivalry of the Shrine of Oghma and the Shrine of Mystra is now burried, for restoring and aiding the Goddess of All Magic is most important and unworthy of petty rivalries. We urge all lovers of magic, young and old, to pray for the Goddess and to aid the local shrines in their search of a solution. Please contact Initiate Lucrecia Tindra at the Shrine of Mystra and/or Chronicler Elefson at the Scriptorium to lend your aid.

    Murder On and Below the Streets
    The elf known as Shevain was slain in a foul ritual beneath the streets of Arabel. A circle of dark magic was found with what was the rest of the elven woman's belongings. It is claimed that miss Shevain was so brutally murdered by the Brick Brothers, a group of Half-Orcs that are working with or for the White Orcs. Not only did they slay the elf, who was hunting them down for the massacre of the elven shrine in the Hullack forest, but they also animated her corpse and sent it to terrorize Old Town. Unfortunately, as she was brought down by the locals, her remains were lit on fire and there was no hope of returning her to life by the Grace of the Gods. Not long after, a half-orc was beheaded on the streets of Old Town by friends of the elf, as he supposedly was part of the group that killed Shevain. Revenge and xenophobia roam the streets, and many half-orcs are being pointed at, accursed of serving the warring orcan tribes or worst, local murderous gangs.

    South Road Reopened
    The Blood Moon Orc Tribe (also known as the Bleeding Moon Tribe, recognizable by their red war paint) have been pushed back from the southern roads. Caravans are slowly returning to the road. The Scriptorium Gazette would like to interview those present during the raid that saw them removed from the road.

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    Contact the Scriptorium Gazette at the Arabel Library for information.

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  • The Scriptorium Gazette
    Issue 3

    Interview with the Brick Clan
    Your humble write had the chance to interview one of the Brick Clan. We say clan, as it was made clear to the Gazette that the Brick are not a brotherhood, but a clan of Half-orcs. They brought to the attention of this paper that they were fighting in the orcan civil war, seeking to eliminate as many of One Eye's children as possible. They seek to weaken the God of the Orcs to teach him a lesson, one pf the many reason being that Grummsh demands his people to fight without fear of death, without respect to Yurtrus. With their allies of the Maggot Eye Tribe, also know as the White Claw Tribe, they hunted down and eliminated many of the Bleeding Moon Tribe, among others, and a fair number of would be Warcaller prospects.

    The Gazette asked the Brick Clan if they had anything to do with the recent destruction of the Elven Shrine of the Hullack, and although they say they admire the work done there, they cannot claim responsibility. Still, it was for this that the elven Shevain was slain by the Brick for her pursuit of revenge against them for her people's death. The death and sacrifice of the elven woman lead to an assault on the home of the Brick, a cave within the King's Swamp that was also the home of their allies, the Maggot Eye. The assault failed to end the Brick Clan, and many of those seeking justice for the elf were slain that day. Brick, the woman interviewed by the Gazette, laid claim to the killing of the Mystran Paladin that was part of the group. She said, however, that this assault advertised the location of the Maggot Eye Tribe, who was soon after destroyed by the Pale Butcher.

    Although the Brick Clan does not seek trouble with the City, and claims it is only defending itself, they are Outlaws of Cormyr and considered extremely dangerous. All goodly citizen are warned to avoid them at all cost and not to assist them in any fashion.

    The Bleeding Moon Clan in Hiding
    More information has been gathered concerning this tribe of orcs currently engaged in the Orcan Civil War. They are a massive tribe, having great number on their side. They are apparently weaker individually than the other orcs in the war, but they are good tacticians, and they have numbers on their side. Having been driven on the road by the Brick Clan in an attempt to bring them in the open to eliminated them once and for all, they have recently been removed from the roads and scattered into the woods again. This may have been a bad move in the eye of the clan, but for the city, it was imperative to see them removed so trade with the south could resume. Now the Bleeding Moon Tribe hides in the woods and perhaps also the swamps, planing their next move. It is expected they will attempt ambushes and guerilla tactics, as it is their forte. Already, rumors are the rebuilding town of Eastway (Easthaven) has seen a skirmished with them, as they seek to eliminate the dwarven workers, or perhaps test the defenses of the town, or even, attempt to steal food supplies and resources from the villagers.

    Information Sought: The Black Skull Tribe
    Few detail on this tribe are know. They have been spotted around, wearing black war paint, yet they are not engaged in any known fight. Also called the Stalkers, this tribe is reported to be small and uninvolved in the conflict. They seem to be observers, but little else is know. Should you have information on this tribe, please contact the Scriptorium Gazette and also, the local authorities.

    Thunderholme Reclaimed
    The dwarven hold of Thunderholme has finally been reclaimed by its people. Three great battles were necessary for the retaking of the Hold. It begins with the first advance upon the mountain city. At the great entrance of the halls, the dwarves and their allies gathered. With hope and courage in hand, they entered their ancestral home to battle countless aberrations who had overwhelmed the halls. The entrance cleared, they moved across the narrow bridge into the main hall. Dozen upon dozen of Hooked Horrors were fought within, and at the crossway of bridges, the mother of the beasts taken down. The first step was done.

    The adventure continue with the second expedition, this time to reclaim the forge, the shrine and the mine. Within these section of halls, another was faced. Spiders by the hundred. Of all shapes and sizes, from the small pests to the large, ooze spilling spiders. First the heroes cleared them from the shrine and next, they moved down to the old massive forge of the dwarves. Many spider eggs were destroyed in the room, angering more spiders. Eventually, the horn of battle was calling to the mines, where the most massive of albino spider was taken on, with its army of children. But it too, was defeated.

    And at last, the final step was taken to reclaim the Halls of Thunderholme. But this time, emotion was high in the air as this time, the foe was their own people, raised into undeath, and their mortal enemy, the duergars, also raised into undeath. The warriors of an old battle of Thunderholme, raised endlessly to fight again and again. Our heroes faced them all, sending them back to their rest only to see them rise again. The source found, but before it was stopped, it was thought best to find the necromancer first. We will never know if he was the one that rose the dead, but the foul duergar Norothor was found, and before one could even ask him a question, he was charged by one of the dwarves. The massive battle that followed was a long and dangerous one, but our heroes won the day again, with minimal losses. The source of the necromancy was then dispelled and the halls finally quiet. The souls of the fallens finally at peace.

    And so the Hall of Thunderholme was reclaimed.
    Keep an eye out for the full story, to be published soon at the Library.

    Announcement from Queen Brita Thunderhammer
    Not long after the return of the heroes of Thunderholme's reclaiming, the following annoucnement was made from the Queen.

    Thunderholme is Free! Let the march home begin in the coming days as we reclaim our homeland!

    Since then, many dwarven families have been seen making their way to the docks, taking the ferry back to Thunderholme to aid in the clean up of the halls and resettling in their ancestors' home. Many resources will be needed to return the halls to their former glory, but with the dwarven people finding new hope and being known for their resourcefullness, we can be certain the halls will soon shine again, like in the old days.

    Congratulations! Two dwarves honored.
    For their leadership and hard work to bring their people home, two dwarves of the community have been honored this tenday. Gunjar of the extinct clan of Cragcaller, has received the honor of finding a new family and joined Clan Trollslayer, joining its head, Bolgyn Trollslayer, as his son.
    Also honored that day, was Bhaldor Stonewall, who received the grand privilege of joining the Queen's Thunderguard.
    Congratulation to both!

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  • The Scriptorium Gazette
    Issue 4

    Fall of the Stormhorn Watchtower
    A Purple Dragon outpost, located in the Stormhorn, near the Marliir's March, was recently destroyed by the Rocksmasher Orcs. The casualties are currently unknown to this author but what is known is that the tower is nothing but rubbles now. This raises several questions: will the army retaliate? How will we keep watch in the mountains? Why did the orcs destroy the tower? Were they provoked? Or is there a mysterious reason for their attack on a human structure?

    Adventurers are warned should they seek to hunt down the Rocksmasher Tribe. They are powerful orcs, with some of them the size of giants. But their weakness is their slow and weak minds. They have the brawn but not the brain. Should you face these monsters, use your wits and clever tactic to defeat this powerful foe.

    Return of the Maggot Eyes
    More news on the orcan war. Rumors has it that the Maggot Eyes have return. How and why, remains a mystery. Some claim it is the Pale Butcher that brought them back to strength. No matter how and why they have returned, they continue to plague the land and are rumored to be residing in the swamp still. Should you have information of have sighted the white painted orcs, report to the local authorities and be wary of these necromancers orcs.

    Kobold menace?
    Sighting of kobolds in the region has increased significantly. Some believe they may be allied with the orcs, while others believe they are preparing to strike against the gnomish population. Some report say the kobolds have been digging more than usual, opening old mines and caverns in the region. Are they looking for something? What are they trying to unearth? Are they working for someone or something bigger than them? Little is known at the present for this increase in number and change in behavior. This author encourages adventurers to report any details on the matter.

    Planar Instability
    The Planes have recently become unstable and as a result, there has been a few instance of outsiders entering out plane. What is this Planar Instability?

    "What we are experiencing is an interplanar collapse. A large movement of the planar spheres themselves." - Archmage Kanthea

    In short, the Planes of Existences are currently shifting, and it will take some time for them to realign and stabilise. Until they are stable again, we may experience incursions of outsiders. So far, these incursions have been limited to the inner planes, that of the Elementals. Thankfully, these breaches can be closed, and if caught in time, cause little trouble.

    The Scriptorium would like to ask the assistance of the adventuring populace in obtaining information on the recent incursions and breaches. A few of these have been witnessed so far, like the one in the ruins and out in the Thunderpeak Mountains. Should you notice an increase in outsiders or elementals in a specific region, please report your finding to Chronicler Smithson at the Arabel Library. Adventurers are encourage to report this to the local arcane authorities to see the breaches closed as soon as possible.

    Murder and Theft
    In recent weeks, one of the Scriptorium and Thunderguard of Thunderholme, Bhaldor Stonewall, was brutally murdered by the Brick Brothers. We mourn the lost of this great dwarf and hope those responsible will be brought to justice. Already, Private Thurgrimm has put an end to four of the Brick Clan and saw justice done. The People of Arabel and the Adventuring populace are encourage to report any find of our fallen hero's belongings.

    One such belong, an artifact known as the Speckled Sun Orb, was recently put up for auction by former Chronicler Barthes. For fencing an artefact of the Scriptorium and our fallen friend, mister Barthes was swiftly removed from the Scriptorium. The Artefact has been returned to its rightful owners and is currently being studied to complete the legacy of Scholar Bhaldor.

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  • The Scriptorium Gazette
    Issue 5

    Lord Tammarast's Speech
    Words from the heart were recently spoken by Lord Tammarast calling for justice against the Warden of the North, Lord Myrmeen Lhal. The Lord seeks to bring to light the crimes committed by Lord Lhal in the past and also in recent time, with the attack that killed his young son. He also hope to highlight the many failures of the Warden since she took office.

    Why was the death of his son dismissed so easily? Was it a conspiracy? An accident wished forgotten? Was it murder? What has been done to determine the true reason of the death of the young heir? The truth lies hidden, stolen or lost, none will know. Lord Tammarast intends to take action in the coming days, and will announce so publicly, but until then. the Lord hopes that those who seek truth and justice will rally to his side.

    A series of questions were asked after the speech and the Lord answered a number of them:

    - Q: Do you have plans to bolster the economical infrastructure, or would you need to be in a leadership position to have the viewpoint you need?
    - A: Hardcastle build a broad network of investments which are now owned by the Kraliqh bank. Integrating him into the government will be key to any funding that normal taxation cannot cover.

    - Q: What proof exists of these accusations against Lord Lhal? The assassins, in parcticular raise concerns.
    - A: It was noted that these individuals entered her estate before they performed the deed some hours before. Beyond this, there is no written or confirmed evidence she assented or agreed, but I cannot imagine she would dissuade them.

    - Q: Have you decided on how you would govern the North if you were given the chance? Would you visit your people, know their problems and successes, and offer advice?
    - A: Not a day would go by where I did not walk these streets and hear the concerns of the people and how they might be addressed. Those who wear callouses upon their soles and scars upon their hands shall have my ear - I will strive to ensure they can remain gainfully employed as long as I can labor. Firstly, the Security in the Citadel will be lowered to accommodate the North District and I will increase tariffs from shipping to expand the Militia and begin to reclaim Old Town. Secondly, taxation on Mythalite will triple and trade with the Thayan Embassy will resume to begin draining the swamp and reclaiming old Farmlands to feed this city. Thirdly, licensing for adventurers and the removal of the manifold privileges that Arabel has gained under its unique possession will take place to further secure the North. Summarily, mages will need to be registered with the War Wizards. Adventurers will find their labor taxed to benefit those who labor to ensure their profession can prosper. While Arabel has enjoyed many privileges that she was granted in order to keep yer loyalty, she has proven unworthy of them. Time and time again have mages, be they fair and foul, caused harm to its people.

    - Q: So are you saying adventurers would need a license?
    - A: Correct. A single payment of 500 coins after a tenday's stay in the city, which can be revoked and forced to repurchase if they are found to abuse it.
    –- In most of Cormyr, adventurers need to buy a permit. Also, any wizards capable of casting fourth circle spells and higher must register with the War Wizards. Entry as a Bannerman or within an institution of Cormyr will permit the payment to be foregone. ---

    - Q: What if they do not pay the 500 gold coins after a tenday?
    - A:: They will have their arms seized until they pay. If they cannot pay, then they may find another profession. I am sure the militia will handle each case fairly and succinctly. However, given the general wealth of adventurers - I am sure it would be an easy feat to achieve after a tenday.

    - Q: Lord Lhal presently has the Thayan Embassy's trade barred, yet allows the criminal element within the city to prosper off illegal wares, Sembian artifice, and other such things. Do you plan to combat this further, or allow it to fester?
    - A:: While Cormyr has not responded with its own embargo of Sembian artifacts in hopes that Sembia lowers their own trade barriers, I am not so sympathetic to Sembia.

    - Q: Furthermore, you mentioned that you would reinstate the Trade between Arabel and the Embassy, what sort of condition and other such details do you have in mind?
    - A:: Merely that the Thayan Embassy endeavor to benefit Arabel and its need for magical expertise if the War Wizards and the college of Battlemages are not available. Additionally, they operate under the same fair principles I will set forth for all merchants in the city.

    - Q:: How do you plan to depose of the Lady-Lord?
    - A:: I am sure you will hear the first step in the coming days.

    As announced at the end of the round of questions, more details will be shared by House Tammarast in the coming days.

    Violence on the rise in Old Town
    A group of adventurers, traveling through Old Town on their way back to the city, were accosted by a small group of people. These individual, two halflings by the names of Wilsip and Pard, and a half-orc named Rafaka. They demanded a toll from the adventurers, of 50 coins per head. Several refuse, while other could not afford such a price. This did not sit well with the thugs and it was clear battle would come. Joining them, came Sejuth the Reborn, known as the Prophet, to aid his fellow men in their collection.

    And indeed did battle start. Spells were thrown, the Prophet summoning ooze to assault the adventurers, the halflings and half-orc battling the adventurers, and them defending themselves and trying to escape as best they could. One villain did not hesitate to use spore blight potions, a foul and illegal concoction. And also, they used bloodstones, having no shame or guilt in tormenting the souls of the people trapped in them. Eventually, the brigands were stronger and captured the adventurers. Four hostages. And soon a ransom demand.

    The details of the negotiation are slim, but the Militia eventually came to an agreement with the crooks and the hostages were released, bruised an battered, but alive. Now these toll takers have all been outlawed, and the citizens of Arabel are asked to be stay alert and avoid these criminals.

    The Orcan War: Seeking Information and Witness reports
    Have you witnessed a battle between the orcan tribes? Have you seen suspicious activities involving the warring clans? Have you participated in a battle personally? If you have, please contact Chronicler Ru Mei Shi of the Scriptorium to share your tale.

    Battle in Harrowdale
    Many tales of the battles of the Dales remain to be told. Here is the Battle of Harrowdale, where Cormyrian adventurers aided the Harrowdale rebels in defending their home.

    The task was simple but difficult. Hold the lines of defence and do not let the last bridge fall. If the last bridge falls, all is lost. And so the adventurers were brought to the first line and prepared for battle. The Sembian invader had to be stopped. Soon, they could hear in the distance the drums of war coming. They made ready. They waited.

    Soon, a report came from scout Twigfeller. A wizard was spoted with someone in important armor. And then the the first wave came. Dozen of warriors of the Fallen Star mercenaries. Many warriors, humans and half orcan. Magers with powerful spells. The came at the barricades of the first line. They fought to push through but our adventurers held. Once the battle was done… a horrible discovery. Scout Twigfeller had fallen.

    The next wave came. And the next. The first barricade fell under the numbers, retreat was called, but the Green Knight had fallen too. An attempt was made to gather their corpse, but it only brought yet more casualties. The adventurers fell back to the to first bridge, but there were simply too many of the enemy. The brave adventurers fell back to the last bridge.

    A fierce battle, Initiate Tindra holding the line and everyone else supporting her the best they could. Twigfeller, thought dead, returned to aid. A miracle, the wave was won. But it was not over. The adventurers moved forward. But something odd was happening. Something was confusing the enemy, but what? They pushed forward to take on the rest, slowly advancing to finally return to the front where the druids of Harrowdale had joined the fight. Soon it was over, and the mercenaries were dead. The battle was won.

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  • The Scriptorium Gazette
    Issue 6

    Old Town. Seen from within.
    Crumbling, destitute, poor, starving, oppressed, chained. Detached. Alone. Surviving. Forgotten.

    These are the words the people of Old Town use to describe the district. It is a slum, packed with the poorest of Arabel. Half of the population if the city, piled together here is old, crumbling buildings. They work in the city during the day, and return home when the sun sets, sometimes after, to feed their family with their meager earnings. Some within believe that if the city was putting every single coin they could spare toward rebuilding old town, instead of wasting their gold on the embellishment of the citadel, things would be far different.

    From outside, many groups are seen as thugs running around with illegal merchandise, bulling people around. But inside, many are seen protectors, at times, standing up to tyranny and injustice, at others, offering that protection for a fee. Sadly, no fair attempt was ever made to restore Old Town. As outsiders think it is because of the fear of the gangs and the Brigade, some within see it quite differently. To them, it is because no one actually cares. Some of the gangs, the Brigade and recently, the Triumvirate, do not abandon their own. But, even though they may have the resources, they are mostly used to take care of their own.

    A plan to restore Old Town may someday come, but until then, the people within fend for themselves, and do what they must to keep their loved ones safe.

    The Hardcastle Treason
    During the trial of Lord Malcolm Hardcastle, the justice system of Arabel brought forth proof that Lord Malcolm Hardcastle was engaged in high treason against the King of Cormyr. Evidence was gathered to attempt to prove without a doubt that he attempted to rise in rebellion, aided by several houses of nobility, and his allies within various groups of Arabel. The militia itself was even approached to join him, and prepared to fight the Purple Dragons. However, elements of the militia refused to commit such treason and decided to warn the cormyrian loyalists.

    From this came an attempt to arrest Lord Hardcastle. As the Lord and his house was confronted by a group of individuals, it was reported that his retainers, knowing that their plot had been discovered, reacted with violence, to resist arrest. From this came the bloody battle between the Loyalists and Separatists. It is in this deadly clash that the young Heir to be Kynston Tammarast was caught up in the fighting. But he was seen as fighting on the side of those seen as rebels, and was struck down in the huge melee that occurred. Reports claims that Hardcastle surrendered only after his retainers had been slain, and in the aftermath those who attempted to arrest Malcolm Hardcastle were arrested, and sentenced to the penal legion. However, once the full story came out, they were quickly released, and given promotions and rewards for preventing Hardcastle from armed rebellion against the King.

    Not long after, Lord Hardcastle was sent to Suzail for trial, and his assets were handed over to Mister Kraliqh. Few details of what became of Malcolm Hardcastle made it to the north.

    The Ministry of Arabel
    There are three ministries that deal directly with matters that impact adventurers.
    The Ministry of Justice
    The Ministry of Peace
    The Ministry of Truth

    Each minister are imbued with much of Lord's Lhal's power, to carry out diplomacy, write policy, or determine strategic directions. They can also take a direct hand in matters, because they are direct representatives of Lord Lhal's power and will. Each ministers have their own portfolios within their ministry, and the Warden has granted them freedom to perform their work as they see fit.

    Currently, the ministers are granted far reaching powers because they have proven themselves to be absolutely trustworthy. It is why becoming a minister is an incredible journey by itself. One must prove not only their competence in many matters, such as diplomacy, investigative skills, record keeping, but also their loyalty to the King, beliefs in the Warden's governorship and willingness for self-sacrifice.

    Ministry of Justice
    Beside rewriting the laws and the enforcement of the law, the ministry of justice works closely with judge Johan to ensure that judgement made respect the spirit and letter of the law. They also take note of abuses of peace officials and work to ensure the people do not exist under a tyranny.

    Ministry of Peace
    Their tasks is the protection of the people and the territory under the rule of the Warden of the North. They are charged with oversight of the Arabel Militia and Purple Dragons to combat local threats to peace and prosperity, and to wider threats that involve Cormyr as a whole.

    Ministry of Truth
    Those of this ministry are in charge of record keeping, to ensure that the records are up to date, and accurate. To do this, the minister must liaise with the local Nobility, the Militia and the Purple Dragons. In the acquisitions of reports from the various entities, the ministry can keep record of the deeds of others and be in a good position to uncover corruption and foul deeds. In keeping the records straight, they aid prevent abuse of power by other entities.

    It is the responsibility of each ministry to see to the diplomatic relationship with allies, work the peace negotiations with foes, and create new relationships with various entities to form new alliances.

    For those seeking to aid or even join the various ministries, they can inquire with the proper authorities or join the newly founded Ministry Equerry to prove their potential.

    Cult of Gruumsh
    With the Orcan War escalating, tribes moving, dying, shifting and destroying much on their path, a new threat has grown in Arabel. This group seeks create a Gruumsh Tribe in Old Town for the orcan blooded individuals residing there. They demand the wares of a dwarven smith be crafted for them by said dwarf, capture sacrifices to be offered to the orcan god, and threaten to destroy the rebuilding Easthaven and Eveningstar villages by burning them to the ground. Why they threaten the villages, is unknown, but they have made it clear they are the enemy of Cormyr and Thunderholme by making these declarations.

    This newly formed group is lead by one Shaman Suktu, and his two deputies, Grag and Rafaka. They have claimed to be assisting the Troublemakers in Old Town. Rumors circulate that the leader of the Troublemaker, Wilsip, is working under the orcs, but these claims have been denied by the trouble making halfling. The Troublemakers claim they will not kill people, but if they are pushed to it, they will do what is necessary.

    What this alliance will do to Old Town remains to be seen. One thing is certain, these tribe of half-orcs means business.

    Laws of Arabel
    The Scriptorium Gazette seeks the opinion of the people of Arabel and the Adventuring populace on the following laws that were once part of the Law of Arabel, or may someday again be in effect in Arabel.

    • Registration of Exotic Races.
    • Registration of Adventurers and/or Adventuring troupes, mercenary companies and the like.
    • Registration of mages capable of casting fourth circle spells and above.

    Do you approve of these laws? Do you find them too restrictive? Do you suggest middle ground for such laws? We want to know what you think. Write to Chronicler Ru, editor of the Scriptorium Gazette to share your opinions.

    Orc War: The Battle of Castle Eveningstar
    Three days ago, word was received that the Bleeding Moon Tribe were gathering to invade the swamp and destroy the Maggot Eye Tribe. Unfortunately, Castle Eveningstar stood in the way of their warpath. They would come and march on the castle and plunder its wall, and the villagers of Eveningstar who were protected within. Aid was called for, but it would not come in time. Until it did, the castle had to be defended.

    The adventurers and Purple Dragons of the garrison readied. First, came the weaker orcs. A test perhaps? Then stronger and stronger they grew. But after the defeat of the first waves, the drums of war sounded again and a wave of archers came. They were again defeated but the damage was done. The first line of defense was damaged, a number of barricades destroyed, and the defenders forced back. A third wave. This time, from both side. To the north, the Bleeding Moon orcs, to the south, the Maggot Eyes and their swarms. A difficult battle, the forces spread thin between the two side. Yet, they held on.

    When this battle was over, came an emissary of the Bleeding Moon. Demanding to pass to war in the swamp. The Purple Dragon in charge of the negotiation refused. So the orcs would come.
    And so they came. Many warriors and a few mages. Some chieftains joining. And again, the orcs were defeated. Soon, though, chanting came from the orcan horde. HAR… NOK... HAR... NOK.... their leader was coming. A long battle ensued and once the chief fell, the horde did not cease. They came, destruction and self destruction coming a bloody offering to the One Eye upon a mountain of their own dead.

    Blood flowing, gorging the ground before the Eveningstar castle. Then, from Arabel, came the sound of hooves. Purple Dragon horde riding their horses into battle. The defenders held on as the charge came. The cavalry clashed within the orcan ranks, cutting them down, trampling them to the ground beneath steeled hooves. Lionar Hendrax and his men joining the defenders and defeated the Red Moon Tribe completely. The Battle was won, the Castle and its people were safe.

    The Stalkers and the Maggot Eyes will come next, eventually. And then the Rocksmahers, and any other major tribe that will threaten the peace of Cormyr.

    For King and Country!

    The Scriptorium Gazette is brought to you by Chronicler Ru of the Scriptorium. For advertisements, news or articles submission, please send your request to the Arabel Library, attention of the Scriptorium.

  • The Scriptorium Gazette
    Issue 7

    The Windrider Volunteers
    Who are they? They are a volunteer militia based in the Eastway Village. Although Sir Ellias Addams may be hiring a mercenary company, it his his hope that the numbers of volunteers who care for the village will soon fill the ranks.

    The objectives of the Windrider Volunteers?
    Firstly, they seek to secure Eastway and defend it from oncoming threats.
    Secondly, they wish to secure the North, and bring prosperity to the region of Arabel.
    And thirdly, they hope to secure all of Cormyr, by holding out the little village out of the hands of our enemies. One village at a time.

    Sir Ellias Addams has chosen Eastway as the place to put his roots. He lives there now in a tent but hopefully, he will soon reside in a Tammarast hunter shack or in a militia tower all their own, as the town is rebuilding fast. The castle is being rebuild slowly, but at least a small fortification has been build around the village. Recently, several establishment have opened and you, my dear readers, are invited to visit and discover the growing beauty of Eastway.

    The Windrider Volunteers will be fighting against the known threats to the village, the main one currently being the orcs. Second to that comes the fey and the lycans of the Hullack. It is the hope of the Windriders that the cemetery of Clar Banda would pass to more benevolent hands or at least, to Jergal. To fight all these threats, and complete their goals, they will need the help of many. Are you such a person?

    The Windriders seek people with a sense of duty, one being in touch with the reality that you are not just a guard, or a law officer. You are a defender of the Cormyran Way of life in Eastway. You are a member of a militia, chartered or not, and devoted entirely to your family, your friends and the King of Cormyr. Worry not though, knowing that most of the people the good Sir will recruit will be farmers, he tries to keep the pomps to a minimum.

    To learn more on the man leading this merry band of couragous volunteer, know that Sir Addams was a Purple Dragon Knight for a few years and now is a knight errant, serving his king and country outside of the army. He hopes to bring his experience to the volunteer militia. He appreciates earning one's share through hard labor and deed, and hope many of you will join him.

    The Troublemaker's Portal in the Sewers
    This all started when the Troublemakers won a key from the thayan arena. It was a key capable of opening a portal to the abyss. Not long after it was obtained, it appears that the slime priest Sejuth betrayed the Troublemakers, and used the key to open a portal to the slime plane of the abyss. To open this portal, two sacrifices were needed. Unwillingly, and perhaps knowing of the scheme too late, both Troublemaker Wilsip and Pard were viciously devoured by a giant slime. When the portal opened, the essence of the plane spilled into the Effluvial Lake. It was as if the lake had become a sort of living slime.

    Heroes gathered to stop this madness and as Sejuth, Skuty and Rafaka were battling the heroes, an immence slime of no discernible shape was called forth into battle. Whe Sejuth and Rafaka were slain, the slime devoured them as well. It seemed to have a mind of its own. After the dozen upon dozne of oozes that had gathered were slain, our heroes checked the portal. It turned out, the souls of Wilsip and Pard were tortured in agony, being used to keep the portal open.

    Sergeant Tancred Hartwall then made a choice. He would enter the portal and close it from the other side. He asked for volunteers to aid him. Nathan Hunter, Jihai, Nikolai and Ayelen accepted the call. This was a one way trip. Entering the domain of a demon lord usually has no way out. They all gathered bravely by his side and entered to close the portal. Eventually, the plane's inhabitants defeated them one by one, yet Tancred managed to break the pillars holding the portal open and it finally closed. Five heroes made the ultimate sacrifice to save us all. Remember them well. And remember, as the troublemakers died from their own folly, think carefully of your own actions, and be wary of the dark and occult.

    Unfortunately, the slime in the water is still there, and caused the water levels to rise. As this ooze is of abyssal nature, it may effect the inhabitant of the lake, gods only know. Should you witness strange things below that may relate to this, report it to the Militia. And should you seek to end this looming threat, then we shall pray you succeed.

    Lastly, there is a question remaining. Thayan knew what key did, why let it get won and brought to Cormyr? Why did they let it happen? Is this to be expected of the Red Wizards of Thay?

    The Amusing Tale of the Bald Wizards of Thunderpeak
    Hidden in a tower deep in the Thunderpeak, away from Cormyrian lands and Thunderholme, lied a tower of mages. These mages were very sad and miserable, as they were plagued with a horrid condition. They were all bald. Not a hair on their head, nothing but shiny scalps to look at. In their misery, they turned to an adventurer for aid. Myron O'Connor.

    Having promised to aid them, in turn mister O'Connor asked for assistance from the adventuring populace. As they gathered, some knew to expect the unexpected, others simply did not know what they were getting into. Misled by the infamous Myron, told they would aid wizards trying to solve the issues of the nightmares that plagues mages, our adventurers set out to aid these bald wizards.

    Only when they arrived did they learn the true goal of these wizards. The master of the tower was to conduct a ritual to end their own hairless nightmare for him and his many apprentices. And so our adventurers were hired to protect the tower, and make sure nothing would enter as the mage did their work.

    The first wave of angry hairy beasts that came (the wizards warn they had angered many hairy beings for this ritual), were bugbears. They came in waves until what looked like their leader, a large bugbear who, strangely enough, had been shaved completely. Although the fight was hard, they were all defeated quickly, as the wizard finished the first part of his ritual.

    Of course, the battle was not over. What came next were lycans. Werewolves and wererats coming in all shapes and sizes, howling and trying to claw their way through the adventurers. And again, amist the furry monsters, came an angrier one, without a single hair on its back. A coincidence?

    Of course, they do say third time is the charm, but this third wave of shaggy creatures did not break out adventurers. Even though this large army of bears was no push over. And as you've guessed it, this battle ended also with a massive bear, who has the other two champions of the hair nation, was without a single strand of fur.

    The battle ended. The ritual was a success. As cheers from the tower could be heard, the headmaster of the bald land came to reward the adventurers. And oh and behold, a beautiful red mane of hair was not his, crowning his once bald head.

    Miss Lydia Myair's Entertainment Enterprise.
    And adventuring theater of sort, the goal if the adventure is to create an interactive and fun form of the Theater art that involves any and all into the scene. It would also be a way to challenge people to think on their feet, to be entertaining in the face of actual danger, to not only tale their story but live it as well.

    To miss Myair, this is not only an attempt to improve the idea of interactive entertainment but it is also a religious excercise for her as well as a practical one. As a follower of Finder Wyvernspur, she seeks to continue the work of her God, who once was a mortal himself. His focus is on renewal and teh cycle of discovery, creativity and art. And what better way to honor him than this?

    But as any endeavor out there, miss Myair cannot do this alone. So she invites anyone willing to try their hand and participate in these small plays to forge this art to a new level. Will you be the one to assist her? Find her and discover the marriage of the theater and adventure and join the fun.

    Need a drink?
    Stop by the Maleen's Spire Bar for a good beverage! We highly recommend the spirit, for all your sorrow drowning, sleep troubles or if only to get that party started! Feeling a little peckish also? Try the bacon, its the best in the city! Come by and have a good time, and a deliciously magical meal.

  • Issue 8


    Justice Avoided?
    It was recently announce that the Minister of Justice, Audatha Telrost, has retired from her position, but also has forfeited her membership to the Ministry itself. Although the Ministry announced that it no longer required her services and thanked her, the Gazette can only wonder if it is not the large amount of criminal evidence against the former Minister that has seen her removed from office.

    Those who would take the evidence to the extreme, would see her accused of treason, and nothing less. The evidence against her speak of her protection of a recidivist, The Green Knight, also known as Bertilak and the Guardian of the Hullack, from being trialed for several crimes. In doing so, she is was overstepping her authority to make sure this man was not bothered, even though a warrant was set for his capture. There were also claims that she worked toward the strengthening of Arael, the fey tree city-state newly formed in the Wailing Fog, and support their occupation of the Hullack. What this would mean to Cormyr and Arabel, we leave to the experts.

    The Former Minister abused her power and also blatantly lied, claiming the "Knight" was under the protection of the War Wizards, and by extend, the King himself. Although this evidence has been brought to the authorities, no trial has been conducted, private or public. It is unclear if one will be made in the near future or not.

    Missing children and violence rising
    With the knowledge that a large number of children have been raken from their families in the region, a great panic has taken hold of the population. It has been brought to light that the Chaos Brigade is involved in this and are demanding a ransom for the safe return of the children. But not only are they asking a ransom for the children, but also for Lord Patricia Mertoi, who has been missing for some time now as well.

    Violence has risen on the street, as families and their community demand their children be returned to them. The streets of Old Town have turned red with blood, and violence escalated to new levels. Worst, the Orphanage of Eveningstar assaulted and burned to the ground. The life of several children take from us, and desecrated, as at least one of them was reanimated with undeath. The invetigation is ongoing to find the person responsible for this act of horror. Any witness are encourage to contact the local garrison and militia.

    Law Enforcement Affairs

    Wanted Criminal: Tomas VhektCitizens will note a bounty has been issued on one Tomas Vhekt this week for crimes including slave trading and armed assault. This bounty is for the delivery of the man alive to the Militia Tower in Northern Arabel and currently stands of 7,500 coins.

    The people are to be advised that Vhekt is a Werespider and supremely dangerous. He is a known affiliate of the Chaos Brigade and favours using the sewers as a means of travelling about the City undetected.

    He is known to attack wantonly and without warning and reserves a particular aversion to elves. He can be recognised as a tall man with long, probing fingers. Of note, the tops of both of his ears have been cut off.

    The Arabel Militia will pay for all good information with respect to his associates, activity and whereabouts. Please approach with caution.

    On behalf of the Arabel City Militia,

    Elyott Dayliss

    The Gazette Classifieds
    (According to Karling)

    Seeking: Weapon permanently enhanced with a Keen Edge spell.

    "They MAKE those?! Someone bring me one and I will give you ALL of my money! And a nickname!"
    Inquire with Tyler, at the Spire or the Callahan Guild Hall

    Seeking: Good Man seeks Single Woman.

    Must be able to tolerate bawdy humor and a Militiaman's irregular hours. Cooking skills preferred but not mandatory. Worshipers of Akadi are of particular interest.
    Inquire with Private Randles at the Militia Office

    Seeking: Artist Wanted for Portrait Commission

    A painter or sketch artist of great skill is called upon to embark upon the greatest endeavor of their creative career! Bring your supplies to the Fine Hells and be prepared to gaze upon the most beautiful subject ever to be committed to canvas. Must be comfortably with partial nudity.
    Inquire with Toussaint, Errant of Sune, at the Fine Hells. Bring glitter.

    Seeking: Cabbages.

    Purchasing cabbages of all sizes, varieties, and textures.
    Inquire with Cabbages the Halfling, in the Spire. By responding to this advertisement sellers are agreeing to allow themselves to be licked upon arrival, probably multiple times.

    Lost: The last vestiges of my self-respect and dignity.

    Following my altercation with the Errant of Sune earlier this week in which I fled to shadows of Shylocks with my tail between my legs, I have found that I am missing the last vestiges of my self-respect and dignity. Any information about their current whereabouts will be rewarded handsomely.
    Inquire with Buttercup, in Shylocks.

  • Special Edition

    Children and Lord Mertoi Rescued!

    As life moved on through the city of Arabel as usual, a sending rang though the air. The content, sinister. The Auction of the missing children and Lord Mertoi was to begin soon, in the heart of the Wailing Fog. This sending, and auction to come, made by the Chaos Brigade. Although the Brigade claims they rescued the children from the Cobbled Demons, they held them against their will and were now about to sell them to the highest bidder.

    Two Militia Privates, Dayliss and Randles, and Battlemage Hawklin gathered with adventurers and traveled to the Wailing Fog alongside the Calahan Guild in escort. Upon arrival, they met with the White King Benna, the Werespider Vhekt, The Tiefling Salazar and Deriza the Hag of the Chaos Brigade.

    To stop the adventurers from charging, they were warned that three levers, three kill switches were placed about and that the Brigadiers would not hesitate to use them.

    Much insults were thrown around, and, before the auction could even start, Chronicler Baltazar de la Concha, bravely, he challenged the White King to a duel for the freedom of the children. Although the Chronicler had the heart of the lion and the bravery of a hundred men, his duel did not go well. The foul White King had the blood of the dragon on his side, making him a powerful and impossible challenge. Our brave swordsman fell in his attempt to rescue the children and the Lord. As his reward, Benna took some of the warrior's blood, for what purpose, only the gods know.

    Miss Cora observed that the levers were not kill switches and informed the Chronicler of this. She believed they were likely fake. They attempted to convince the adventurers and law enforcers that the levers were but a bluff, but they would not listen. As he was being ignored, the Chronicler attempted to taunt the enemy for a reaction, calling on the fact Benna had his wings clipped by Deriza, only to have the tiefling threaten to kill him if he did not keep quiet. Already in no condition to defend himself due to the due, mister de la Concha chose to remain silent.

    The auction finally started. The Brigade demanded 10,000 gold be paid for either the children, or the Lord. Joan Calahan offered 20,000 gold to claim both. The deal was accepted, if five volunteers give their blood. As he had noticed the Hag had taken an interest in him, Toussaint Avantageux called out, perhaps jokingly, that he would rather sleep with the Hag than see the blood of his companions collected. Unfortunately for him, this offer was taken. putting mister Avantageux on the spot. He courageously took the decision to sacrifice himself for his comrades.

    And so the adventurers won the freedom of the five children and the Lord, The White King collected his 20,000 gold and the Hag took away her prize, the Errant Knight Toussaint, to do as she pleased with him. The poor man returned perturbed from his misadventure, and gods only knows what he had to endure to protect the blood of his friends from the foul magic of the Chaos Brigade.

  • Issue 9


    The End of the Rocksmasher Tribe?
    In recent days, a group of adventurers was gathered to attempt an assault on the Rocksmasher Tribe camp. Unfortunately, the ones that lead the group there was charging to bring them to the location, which made the group a small one. Thankfully, Mister Falconer, with the assistance of Miss Ophirae, a strategy was made and a barrel of poisoned ale was prepared, and of course, delivered to the orcan camp. A good strategy, as it is know that, although the Rocksmasher orcs are powerful and monstrous, they lack wits and are quite the simpletons. A number of orcs, lacking any smarts to bother inspecting the barrel, drank from the ale.

    With a number of orcs now weakened, the assault started. It started well, but soon turned difficult. Soon, due to their low numbers, the adventuers found themselves overwhelmed. Most of them fell, but one hero, Kuldar, was able to end the chief of the orcs, by throwing him off a ledge, sending the massive orc to his death. With their leader dead, the rest of the tribe fled for their lives. Ironically, the guide who had charged the adventurers to lead them to the camp was eaten by the chieftain before his demise.

    One more tribe of the orcan war eliminated? We certainly hope so. What became of the remnant of the Rocksmashers remains unknown, but surely, these orcs will either gather with other tribe, or find death at the hand of the defenders of the Cormyr.

    Infernal Circles
    The Gazette would like to warn the good people of Arabel that infernal activities has been reported in the area. It is believed a group of infernalists are attempting to summon devils, or demons, to cause unrest in the area. Two summoning circles were recently destroyed by local authorities and adventurers. Any information on these infernalists should be directed to the authorities as soon as possible.

    Law Enforcement Affairs

    Wanted Criminal: The Stranger
    Citizens will note a bounty has been issued on one The Stranger this week for crimes including Magical Assault, Assault, the possession and sale of contraband, Breaking and Entering, and Theft. This bounty is for the delivery of the man dead or alive to the Militia Tower in Northern Arabel and currently stands of 7,500 coins. On top of the Militia bounty, citizens of Arabel have generously added additional bounties, for an additional 5500 gold and a relic from the collections of Sergeant Gorstag.

    The people are to be advised that The Stranger is a male gnome of average height, and is considered dangerous. He was last seen wearing all black and a beak shaped helmet, making him look like a bird. He is known to speak with odd breaks between words. He is skilled at sneaking and often uses darkness magic to evade arrest. The gnome's real name is currently unknown. He is known to lie and also is a skilled pick pocket. He often uses traps and will attempt to lure his victims in dark corners and areas that are to his advantages. He has been known to leave trails of gold, items or candy to do such. On top of this, he also uses and sells contreband, such as bloodstones, mushrooms and bleakstones.

    To those who would attempt to capture or kill him to collect the bounty, know that he is agile, able to dodge the best throw of tanglefoot bags, and also shows a resistance to some magic. He is also a skilled combatant, able to take down most adventurers in the city, especially if they are traveling alone. He is not above killing people.

    Classified Adds

    Shou Wares:
    Potions of Shield - 50 coins per bottle
    Contact Scholar Ru Mei Shi at the Library for purchase

  • Issue 10


    The Shame of the Dwarves
    By Scholar Baltazar de la Concha

    Not any longer than two weeks ago, the Dwarves of Thunderholme asked adventurers to lead an offering consisting of a goat along with what seemed like one of their monks or priests to the Volcano of Rausrwana. Upon the way, to the surprise of none, the group was waylaid many times by bandits, duergar and most surprisingly; elementals! Whilst this should have been a hint as to something being wrong, none thought to imagine that they had been kept in ignorance by the Dwarves.

    After slaying what seemed like dozens of Duergar and Elementals, the adventuring party seemed confused by the absurdity of the situation; as none had been waylaid by such creatures before, or in such large numbers. The Dwarves would not even speak of the potential reasons behind the situation, remaining dead silent with lips locked together; whether through shame or willful, malicious deceit, they did not speak of the reasons.

    Upon arrival within the volcano, the elderly, priestly-looking Dwarf finally broke the silence, declaring his intent to sacrifice his body, blood and flesh to the volcano spirit in exchange for fertile wombs and fertile veins of ore for Thunderholme, before walking into the magma of the volcano and sacrificing himself and his goat, his beard hairs catching fire and his skin melting before our eyes- None could stop him or even tear their eyes from the gruesome scene. Most adventurers showed outrage at the situation, having been willfully deceived by the Dwarves, whom sacrifice their elderly to some pact with an ancient, unknowable elemental being and breaking one of the most important laws in Cormyr; to not forsake the Gods with pacts of such kinds!

    Abyssalism: What it is and Why you shouldn't do it.
    By Scribe Gavin Graesin

    From time immemorial, the fiendish races have schemed and plotted to control the fate of mortal souls. Why? What is it they derive from corrupting and claiming our energies? Scholars have speculated that perhaps they derive power from such, or perhaps it merely brings some amount of pleasure to their hellish existences to torment mortal souls. Perhaps there are yet more sinister purposes at work. Whatever the end result, it is certain that a soul sold to fiends faces an eternity of damnation and torment.

    This is why we at the Gazette, in the face of the recent outbreak of Abyssalism in the Old Quarter, urge those citizens who are contemplating trafficking with demons to reconsider your course. Whatever fleeting pleasure, power or possession they could offer your mortal coil will pale in comparison indeed to the unending torture of the Abyss. If you have not signed a pact, it isn't too late for you! Present yourself at the temple of a merciful god, and learn how you may earn a place for your immortal being among the celestial realms.

    If you have any information pertaining to the identity of someone who practices Abyssalism, or may be considering practicing Abyssalism, or if you even have reason to suspect someone of practicing, please immediately forward this information to your local Battlemagi and let the professionals investigate these claims. Abyssalism is a very serious threat, and no suspicion is too small to be reported. If you see something, say something.

    Law Enforcement Affairs

    Wanted Criminal: The Stranger - DEAD
    The criminal know as The Stranger has been killed recently during the investigation of the theft of Master Kraliqh's Mirror from the Fines Hells Inn. The investigation led the adventurers, accompanied by a Battlemage, to the depth of the underdark, within the lair of a powerful Illithid. Several of its thralls were killed, and among them, the criminal Stranger. The battle was long and hard, yet the foul being was finally ended. His illithid master was confronted and also eliminated, after a difficult battle and many close calls. The aberrant was killed not too soon, as it was preparing a phylactery to eventually become a powerful lich. Two threats ended at the same time, Justice is served.

    Humour section
    By Editor Sharpquill
    Classified ad: I, Darklord Buttercup, Terror of Old Town, am seeking the services of an acting coach to teach me how to be scary. I have tried reading several self-help books and hAve been trying to apply what I have learned, but people keep laughing at me! I will pay 100 Lyons an hour for lessons in scariness. PLEASE SOMEONE TEACH ME HOW TO BE SCARY.

    Classified ad: Bannerman Eagus Kamon seeks a magical wooden halberd. Must be strong enough to withstand the considerable force of my blows, but must deal greatly reduced damage so that I may actually have a challenging fight for a change.

    Classified ad: Sgugufraunevald is seeking someone to remind me how my name is spelled. Even I have forgotten at this point. Until then, refer letters to "Blackaxe". It is easier to remember.

  • Tower

    The Scriptorium Gazette

    Assault on the Palace of Wonders
    By Scholar Baltasar de la Concha
    Earlier this week, the forces of the Cobble Demons made a play against the Palace of Wonders, striking at them with multiple of their gang members and a great many demonic summons, said to be Vrocks or worse! At least three Petals were killed or gravely wounded, along with a dozen Thorns. The tensions are rising within Old Town, it is becoming thick enough you could cut it with a knife. Cobble Demons are reportedly steering clear of the pleasure district for fear of being stabbed in more than one way by the Petals.

    Law Enforcement Affairs

    The Death of a Private: Philip Randles.
    During the Arena that takes part every month or so in Thay, which seems to almost exclusively take its challenger combatants from the surrounds of Arabel, the Tiefling known as Tzan of the Cobble Demons demanded a worthy challenge in exchange for a magical shield made of his opponents flesh and bones. Private Philip Randles entered the Arena with the hopes of putting this threat down early, and unfortunately perished in combat, his remains being used to craft a macabre shield.
    However, this shield has recently been recovered by the Herald of Akadi after losing a bout against her, to see a proper burial.
    Tzan the Cobble Demon remains at large.

    Humour section
    By Editor Sharpquill
    Classified ad: Cobble Prince Tzan seeks the services of a make-up artist so that he can bear to look at himself in the mirror again after being stricken with demonic corruption following his humiliating defeat at the hands of Crown forces in the Eastern Wilds.

    Classified ad: Former-Magus Aberik Sabatok seeks a priest to provide herbs to counter the frequent bouts of food poisoning I have been experiencing since forced to relocate to the squalor and feces of Old Town instead of my lavish Thayan apartments after fleeing arrest by the Battlemagi like a craven coward.

    Classified ad: Darklord HNN Buttercup seeks a vocal coach to HNNN help me overcome my speech impediment HNNN, which has grown to such an HNNNN extent that I even transcribe it into my HNNN written posters now.

    Classified ad: Numerous Purple Dragon Blades seeking a likable personality for one of their Road Captains, who has been left anonymous

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