Latok's Apology for Being an A-hole

  • This is my formal apology to the community for some toxic remarks I made, as well as an apology to all individuals who were involved in such. It's not important to state here what happened, what is important was I felt I was right in a situation, and rather than calmly handling it in a mature fashion, I was a dick about it. No matter how right I may have felt at the time, in the end, I was 100% wrong for being combative, argumentative and petty. For that, I am deeply sorry.

    Behind the characters and screen names, we are all people with real lives, taking some time to build a society and community fostered in fun and cooperation for mutual enjoyment. Since we all take time out of our real lives to create this society together, be us DM's or Players, it is in everyone's best interest to foster a fun and safe environment for such. I did not. I let myself fell like I was being targeted or treated unfairly, when in reality, the parties involved were probably trying to be helpful and I interpreted it very poorly.

    Once more, to everyone involved, I am sorry. You have my word, that in the future, I will not jump to such rash and wild conclusions without taking a minute to calmly talk it out.

  • I have no idea what this refers to, but much respect to you bro for coming out about it like this. Making the community better for all of us by sharing.

    Time to get back in the game –>

  • Who loves ya, Baby?

  • hugs

    The important thing is you have the courage to apologize and do your best not to let it happen again.
    I was probably not on the other end of this as I've no idea what happen but I forgive you anyway! You are human like the rest of us after all.
    You are awesome, we love you and apologies accepted!

  • Hey. Not sure what or why or when. Class act owning up and apologizing. Welcome back. Get IG. Hit me up if you are looking for ideas for a concept.


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