• The server could use more scum.

    I don't have a faction or enough time to lead one, but if you are currently thinking of making a new PC, some crime/evil would be good for the server. Plus you get to quest with me, and I am very good at that. VERY. GOOD.

    Having cool criminal PCs is good for everyone. Law and good PCs are boring if there are no scum. Scum PCs are boring if there is no one to be scum with.

    Love scum. Breathe scum. Become one with your inner scum.

    I would be happy to help with concepting.

  • My new alt is scum-lite. In the sense that he does not mind working with and for scum, as long as he's not implicated.

    More scum please.

  • Storyteller [DM]

    I am Verk and I approve this message.

    The Chaos Brigade Faction offers a lot of support to Scum and could probably use some fresh blood after taking attrition lately.

  • Yes please. I need a few weeds and thorns to mess up my goodly garden.

    Geek approved

  • Sew the seeds of scum. Like so much lime on a sink drain, scum rises.

  • I want to be scummy too!