[Painted hides in the woods, swamp, mountains and sewers]

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    _Dwell among those whom respect the balance and curse the blight.

    Wanderers, Oathtakers and forest dwellers may find a home among the branches of the Great Elm Tree.

    Yet be warned, here rules the Baroness and her laws only.

    Harm the balance, harm our sacred heart, threaten our leader.

    And death shall come to you with no mercy, for nature is not kind but cruel.

    If you respect our warnings and the balance, come to Arael, your home in the sky.

    Wander to the Eastern Forest from the circular City Walls of stone.

    Go to the valley where the fog weeps and the hags dances.

    Dwell down the sandy cliffs in the North Western corner.

    Walk among the feys through our misty forest and the roots of the Great Elm Tree.

    Climb the bark, fly upwards or take the lift. For in the sky lie our beating heart._

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    _Defilers of the shrine of the Seldarine, Murderers of Tel'Quessir

    Bring yourself before the Baroness' court for judgement of your vile crimes

    Or be captured by those whom desire to earn a favour of the Arael Court

    We desire no corpses, We desire no lies

    Use your own legs to face punishment for your crimes, or be hunted as the vile disease you have become

    Words for those whom bring the guilty before the court, shall they prove too cowardly to face judgement

    You will be rewarded well by the Baroness herself, a favour for a favour, this is the precious offer by the Baroness' Court_

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    Splotched, white paint- upon trees and parchment of flesh and flattened bone. The buzzing of flies heralds where each may be found, the stink of rotting matter guaranteeing it is not unnoticed.

    The Champion of the White Hands Ascends

    Maggot-Eyes Fear No Tribe**

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    Rumors spread that many of the strange hagspawn are gathering in the wailing fog, bringing with them the corpses of orc, ogre, and more...

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    Every tree, every plant and every leaf in North-Eastern Cormyr hums with energy, druids and wild walkers alike chant into the night as Spring comes to Cormyr with brutal force. Farmers are seeing crops grow much faster than they ever seen, whilst fishermen of Wyvernwater reports of the water reclining further with each growth spurt.

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