Carved into trees around the Wildlands and the March

  • An elegant script
    Rewards are offered for the following individuals from the Court of Tel'Pyenelath:

    Salazar, Bloodmage of the Chaos Brigade:
    for slaughtering and enslaving fae for their blood.
    10,000 gold, or a relic

    Madeline the demon slut, of the Chaos Brigade:
    for summoning demons and defiling and raping subjects of the court.
    20,000 gold, or a relic

    The breaker of woodland oaths, Bingle. A filthy Lycanthrope:
    for breaking their oath, that they might be taught a lesson
    5,000 gold, or a favor of the Oathsworn

    felix Beckitt, Associate of the Chaos Brigade:
    for being a coward, that we might give him a coward's Reward.
    5,000 gold, or a favor of the Oathsworn

    The Accused Tavi, Associate of the Chaos Brigade:
    for being a wretched little hagspawned allying hin who defiled our sanctuary with his presence,
    5,000 gold,

    The large blight druid orcan, who calls himself 'The living husk.'
    for his obvious anathema nature.
    20,000, and a personal audience with her court

    We have little interest in the affairs of your city beyond these six individuals. Stay out of our way, and no harm will come to your person. The woodland offers sanctuary to those deserving. Resist or hunt us and have your blood and heart gifted to the Great Elm. Bring them to us alive for a grand reward. Dead for a lesser reward. Simply drag them to the wood and invoke the court, by speaking the name thrice. May the evil blood of these defilers water the soil.

    So it is declared,

    Selan, The Bladelord,
    Oathsworn Knight in Service to the Baroness Rethil,
    May our love endure for her always.

  • These poster begin to wither..

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