CD Key Currently In Use error

  • Two times in the last month I've attempted to login and not been able to because the game said my CD Key was currently in use.

    I have an old CD Key from when I bought the game 10 years ago. I never shared it online so no one else should have access to it.

    Is this an issue with a fix?

    All I can think of is someone hacked/cracked my CD Key or else there is a technical glitch that is causing this.

    Any suggestions are appreciated as currently I can't get into the game.

  • I was finally able to login 15 minutes ago. There was no server reset and nothing changed on my end, so it seems my CD Key might be in use by another player.

  • Yep. That's what's happening. It's possible give out old keys..
    Not sure, but it's happened before.

  • So the server says my CD Key is in use again. Which means that the player using my key is now playing more often.

    What's the best solution to this issue?

  • Get a new CD key, I'm afraid. I know, it sucsk don't it?

    Happened to me once.

    Although, it wasn't as hurtful as when Puffy accidentally banned my DM CD Key (well, she SAID it was an accident…) and for some reason "couldn't figure out how to un ban it"

    I had to get a new key then, too.

    You know, you MIGHT get lucky if you ask around in the community here, people may have spares lying about you could use.

    However, if you have any characters, you will want to make sure you have set a password for them all (it's per character!) so that, when you get your new key, you can authorise them.

    You do these things using the dot commands related to passwords and authorisation.

    Kinda bad I don't have a link to that to hand but...

    I think it's .pass

    and .auth

  • .password

    .auth sounds correct.

    Passwords can not be not set now. You can't move until you set it.
    Also, I think if you come with a different CD key, you will get booted, and you won't have a chance to use that command, and need a DM's help.
    It was put in place to avoid some abuse.

    Am I wrong in that?

  • Corvid Consortium

    that has been my experience when i have tried to use another computer to access the server.

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