Mouse middle button problems

  • I've bought a logitech Zone Touch Mouse T400 a couple of years before but I have never gotten around to use it as I intended to do.

    Instead of a middle-button-wheel it has a middle button with touch interface for scrolling.
    I've bought this with NWN zooming and rotating in mind.
    None of these functions work, and I decided to make finally make it work.

    Any ideas? Because I have little yet.


  • But it works for regular pages and such? Weird.

    If you don't have Setpoint (Logitech's mouse configuration software) installed, there is probably a setting or combination of settings on it that will make it work but I could not tell you without seeing the dialogue what it would be.

  • What camera view are you using?

  • You remind me on things long forgotten. Thanks!
    I have no idea on camera mode. I turn the screen manually.
    I should be able to rotat by moving cursor to the edges, but I'm forced to play in windowed mode due to windows graphics and alt+tab issues. (if I hit the keyboard combo to switch to full-screen it takes like ten seconds to adjust and in a number of switches it spoils all my graphic settings like resolution, ect. It's an old machine that can barely run win7.)

    I'll check Setpoint, it seems it is installed.
    Scrolling works outside NWN, but for some obscure reason pushing the button leads to start menu. I'm not aware who set this up and why.

  • Thanks!

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