Dwarves of Northern Cormyr

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    Dwarves of Northern Cormyr

    The dwarves of Northern Cormyr are Shield Dwarves and mainly hail from Thunderholme, the famous dwarven stronghold which has in recent years suffered from heavy losses and gone through much hardship. Bound together by loss and blood, the dwarves of Northern Cormyr are closely bound to one another, such is their bound to dwarves that every single dwarven life matter no manner the sin of the dwarf. No execution has been carried out by the dwarves of Thunderholme since the fall, the preferred method is now exile rather than giving the sinner honour in death. For even if a dwarf has sinned, his value a dwarf is still too precious to merely waste in death. Many dwarves from far and wide has come to Arabel and Thunderholme, hearing of the fabled Queen and her followers, the slayers of the dragon lich known as the "Sibilant Shade". Indeed, dwarves have greatly benefited in Arabel thanks to the creation of the Dwarven Embassy which still remain in Arabel despite Thunderholme being reclaimed.

    Thanks to a contract signed between the Dwarven Embassy and the late Lord Hardcastle, now taken over by Valiant Kraliqh, every willing dwarf in Arabel can find a job in the old Hardcastle Factory. Be they shield or gold dwarves, the Dwarven Embassy and Thunderholme will welcome them. Outside clans have even earned their place among the prestige Thunderhome clans, now considered a part of Thunderholme itself. Yet, with racial tensions rising in the Citadel and the promises of a dwarven hold in Thunderholme once is reconstruction is completed, many dwarves see now Arabel as merely a temporary home. Still there are those that wish to make it their home, to establish a profitable trade route between dwarves of Arabel and those of Thunderholme. Young and old dwarves now seek to prove their worth to Queen Brita Thunderhammer of Thunderholme, hoping to establish their clan name or see the honour of creating a new clan in their name.

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    Thunderhammer Hall also known in the dwarven tongue as, “Hzarad-Daurak.” Its halls maze-like filled with traps and ancient dwarven lore. Several large caverns in the lower halls are filled with great fields of mushrooms and hordes of Deep Rothe. The large dwarven stronghold that sprawls for miles and miles and is now divided into two sections, the north and the south. The clans of Thunderholme live deep in the Thunder Peaks, once isolated for centuries from the outside world. Dwarven Loremasters and Longbeards once long considered the dwarves of the Thunderhammer Clan lost much like the clan Thrivaldi whom were wedded into the royals of Thunderhammer.

    Before the opening of Thunderholme in 1372DR, the Thunderhammers waged a terrible war for centuries against the duergar Bloodaxe Clan. With the victory over the Duergar nearly two centuries ago, Thorgrymm the third king of Thunderhammer and the dwarves of Thunderholme were able to gain the support of Arabel to begin rebuilding the kingdom that few even knew existed. The great stone doors that were sealed to the outside were re-opened and dwarves, young and old, left the hall with wagons and carts filled with goods to trade thanks to William Thond. Thunderholme was ruled by Reginalg Thunderhammer, 5th King of Thunderhammer Hall until the fall of Thunderholme between 1394DR till 1395DR during which the Sibilant Shade occupied the halls after having slayed late King Reginalg Thunderhammer.

    The clan of Thunderhammer was proclaimed dead during most of the Sibilant Shades occupation, until the discovery of two dwarves whom were the last survivors of the clan, Brita and Thifur Thundhammer. Queen Brita Thunderhammer, cousin of late King Reginalg Thunderhammer claimed the throne in 1395DR when she became the divine chosen by the Mordinsamman and elders of Thunderholme. Her husband and Prince, High Priest Thifur Thunderhammer is second cousin to Queen Brita Thunderhammer and third cousin to the late King Reginalg Thunderhammer. High Priest Thifur holds great respect among the dwarves for his noble deeds, most performed when he courted Queen Brita before her rise to the throne in 1395DR. Once again with a leader, The Dwarven Embassy of Arabel, along with their human allies, slayed the Sibilant Shade in 1395DR thus reclaiming their ancestral home Thunderholme. Months later the Halls of clan Thrivaldi was released of its curse, freeing the trapped dwarven souls from their prison and bringing a peace of mind to the dwarves of Thunderholme. Much to the delight of Queen Brita Thunderhammer, whose mother was of the Thrivaldi clan, it is also known the Queen had a strong interest in the halls of Thrivaldi.

    Much to the delight of the elders of Thunderholme, during the first month of 1396DR Queen Brita Thunderhammer gave birth to triplets with the eldest daughter Thyra Thunderhammer, declared Crown Princess and heir to the throne. Her younger sisters Grymma and Regina Thunderhammer were given honourable titles as princesses, destined to follow the footpath of their father High Priest Thifur Thunderhammer. Thunderholme remain closed off for construction works, but the dwarves of Thunderholme look forward to opening up their halls to tired travelers of the Thunderpeaks once again.

    The Kings & Queens of Thunderholme

    Korgrymm Thunderhammer (820DR – 988DR)
    Hagrymm Thunderhammer (988DR – 1185DR)
    Colgrymm Thunderhammer (1185DR – 1259DR)
    Thorgrymm Thunderhammer (1260DR – 1379DR)
    Reginalg Thunderhammer (1379DR - 1394DR)
    Brita Thunderhammer (1395DR - Present day)

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    How Thunderholme fell, only to rise again

    Thunderholme, ancestral seat of Clan Thunderhammer and home to the largest dwarven population in the region, fell in 1394DR. Its mighty defenders and their allies proved insufficient to stave off the occult power of the Sibilant Shade - a dracoliche whose legendary infamy is matched only by its cruel cunning. In a day destined to forevermore stain the memories of the dwarven people, the might and majesty of Thunderholme lied in ruin and in ashes. The dead haunt the halls, and the wounded prayed for the nightmare to end, as adventurers from nearby Arabel delved into the broken fortress in search of survivors.

    And little by little, those who were not fated to die with their home, made their way in dribs and drabs to Arabel herself. From one ruin to another, they entered the metaphorical gates of Old Town, the first sign of shelter in this forsaken land. A slimy pit of criminals, doomsayers and the impoverished though it was, shelter it was too. Fights broke out. Beggers and Ladies of the Night, muggers and unassailable preachers all had their interaction with the dwarven refugees, and almost all of them ultimately resulted in bruised limbs and black eyes - at best. Before too long the lack of leadership amongst the dwarves begun to show through. The line of Thunderhammer was assumed extinguished. Though a few clamour for the title of King, it was a hollow battle. The majesty of their hold was no more, and with it, a weeping cavity reminded one and all that they have faced their doom and lost. So complete was their fall from prosperity that within days of hearing of Clan Thunderhammer's defeat, the duergar of the deep raided mercilessly the fallen hold. Slaves and artifacts, riches and lore, swallowed up by the deep darkness that lurked below all.

    Anger gave way to tears. Tears gave way to ale. Shylocks' Pub increasingly saw the custom of the beleagured dwarves, and many a jeered was cut short by a dwarf already sensitive to her plight suffering no insults. Though often a dreary bunch, occasionally caught in dull songs of remembrance and prayer, the dwarves were later generally left well enough alone. But Old Town remained the stopover point. Some few made makeshift camps in its broken corridors, whether to remain a welcome home to any more refugees or a staging ground from which to avenge Thunderholme upon the dread dracoliche who still menaced somewhere in the mountain. Would-be dragonslayers walked among priests attempting to continue their ancient traditions, and nobles squabbled for authority in the grime of Old Town.Some travel onwards. To Eveningstar, to Suzail, or beyond Cormyr. To ply their trades and make their way in search of kin and hold - while others sunk into madness and corruption, unable to comprehend their loss. All the while the elders of the clan attempted to sustain their respect for one another and the other races, but there is one thing they searched for most of all… to find one fit to lead the Dwarves of Thunderholme in this hour of darkness.

    After the fall of Thunderholme, what remained of the once fierce and proud clans migrated to Arabel. Not only homeless in what remained of a city torn apart by the primordial, the destitute dwarves were tearing themselves apart over opposing opinion and the lack of a true leader. Months went by with the dwarves residing in tents on the border between Old Town and the Citadel, with no hope of reclaiming their homeland in sight. The tide changed with the guidance of Joshua Aldek's Apprentice Arcavius Thunderclasp, who envisioned a new home in the ruins of what the locals now called old town. After weeks of hardship and battles with the local gangs, the dwarves were able to pull together and reclaim the ruined De'Schurrian Estate from the Chaos Brigade and claim it for themselves. While their thirst for home was not quenched by the satisfaction of victory, it did give them that glimmer of hope they needed.

    Trade was booming, and many now-famous dwarves made their mark on Arabellean society through blacksmithing, mining, and adventuring. Some such as Dorna the Brave and Arcavius even went as far as to become legends, fighting along side not only Arabel's greatest heroes but Lord Hardcastle, Lord Lhal, and the King himself to save Faerun from years of rampaging dragons. But still no leader was made king, and guidance only came from a council of elders too crippled by disagreements to lead to decisive action on reclaiming their home. By mere chance alone, a party of adventurers lead by Dame Alisha Leonore of House Hardcastle, came a cross a mysterious yet powerful hammer in a lost hall in the Thrivaldi ruins. Using the knowledge of the dwarven scholar Kimli, the healer of the Blackwall, the adventurers were able to uncover that it was the legendary Thunderhammer guarded by the last Thrivaldi king, that they have stumbled upon. After recovering the hammer, the adventurers gave the hammer to a little known outsider dwarf by name Brita, whom camped alone in the Thunderpeaks. In return of the Dame's generous act of kindness, the Dwarven Embassy aided Lord Hardcastle in rebuilding the southern parts of Old Town giving Arabel a new district and a new life.

    In the tome "The Truth of Thrivaldi - "The tale of the Rose Gold King" ", the Dame Aelin Kingswood had claimed Brita was the rightful heir of the Thunderhammer and Queen of the dwarves. Struck by gold lust, gold and shield dwarves alike flocked to Arabel seeking to stake their claim as King of Thunderholme by marriage. However, neither Brita nor the elders supported this claim, leaving the dwarves still leaderless. As the dwarven suitors came and went, some remained in Arabel allowing the Dwarven Embassy to grow. Months later the words of another Thunderhammer began circle among the Arabellans, speaking of a dwarven Prince whom yet again remained unconfirmed by the elders. Upon the anniversary of the fall of Thunderholme, the Thunderhammer called, by the Will of Stone and Lightning, by the Will of Dwarves and Their Gods, and the dwarven Embassy Marched with a host of adventurers to the Thunderpeaks. An army of Duergar had flooded from the Underdark through secret tunnels into the Thunderpeaks and sought to slay the last Thunderhammer bloodline. Battle clashed, battle reigned, battle ensued as representatives of Hardcastle, the Thayan Embassy, Purple Dragons and Arabel Militia fought shoulder to shoulder with the dwarves. Through their heroism, Brita was saved from the infiltrator, Snorri, Norothor of Deep Duerra. The charge was lead by the cripples Cogger Ogretoes and Thunderguard Borin Battleborn.

    Upon the defeat of the duergar army the Elders arrived and proclaimed Brita Thunderhammer QUEEN of THUNDERHOLME! And so the Embassy Knelt, one and all, and shouted to the heavens, "All Hail the Queen of Thunder!". A new dawn rose on the dwarven people, gleaming like a bright emerald during the coronation. Their newly crowned Queen declared it her divine quest to slay the The Sibilant Shade and reclaim Thunderholme once and for all. With hope rekindled to return to the Halls of Thunderholme, every dwarf felt a surge of aspiration and passion: Dwarven warriors picked up their axes once more, blacksmiths began to once again practice their ancient dwarven crafts. Labor flourished to the Dwarven Embassy, with a contract sealed between the Dwarven Embassy's High Priest Thifur Thunderhammer and Lord Hardcastle to together reclaim the Halls of Thrivaldi to rediscover the ancient lore of the mythical rosegold. Many believed it was certain that with the support of House Hardcastle and the leadership of Queen Brita, revenge against the Sibilant Shade was finally within reach.

    Upon the call of Queen Brita Thunderhammer and High Priest Thifur Thunderhammer, the Dwarves of Thunderholme and their allies marched upon the chosen of Null, the Sibilant Shade. At first the battle seemed lost, the Dwarves and their allies fell in hundreds to the mighty darkness which smothered the mountains as the snow turned red by blood. Soon enough the Sibilant Shade herself rose to the challenge to slay the last of Thunderhammer once and for all. Yet, thanks to the Heart Breakers and the diligence of those whom had striven for many months to undermine the power of the Shade, the Sibilant Shade was eventually caught at disadvantage. Having already suffered wounds from the Gold Dragon's strike mere days before the battle, she was rendered unable to flee from the battle. As the Thunderhammer, Earthsplitter struck the Sibilant Shade in union with the forces of thunder and of earth, the dracolich crashed down into the valley of the Thunderpeaks her heart scattering thanks to the Heart Breakers within the Thunderpeaks.

    The army descended down upon the downed dracolich in the valley of victory. Bodies of adventures and dwarves alike tossed aside by the mighty power of the Sibilant Shade, the dracolich's power was still enough to withstand the power of an entire army. Despite this, the Queen and High Priest stoically persisted, with continued attacks with Earthsplitter and the recently rediscovered Thunderhammer. the Sibilant Shade could not resist the sustained assault. With her heart scattered the dracolich knew her fate was sealed, and in a final, desperate act the Sibilant Shade clutched then Queen of Thunderholme to take the dwarven Queen with her down to the domain of Null. But it was too late, the Dracolich's body collapsed in on itself and the Sibilant Shade's roared in anger as she fell down onto the ground never to rise again. The Thunderpeaks fell silent, the snow about now blackened by the ashes of the Sibilant Shade's death. As the Queen and her army emerged from the ashes of the dracolich, they cheered in unison as the army of the Blackened Peaks. Claiming their victory over the Sibilant Shade and the reclamation of Thunderholme.

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    Dwarven Clans

    Dwarven clans are a combination of social structure, and profession that many dwarves belong to. With the decline of their race, clans have become less influential outside dwarven society and increasingly rare, yet their traditional values have only grown stronger. Most clans are founded by dwarven heroes, and given a name in reflection of this, such as ‘Thunderhammer’ or ‘Trollslayer.’

    All clans are led by a laird or elder, whose title can vary based on locale, in Cormyr and especially Thunderholme the leaders are known as Laird or Elder. At times a clan can have both a laird and elder, whom will share leadership of the clan but this is a very rare honour bestowed upon few. In some especially rare cases, leader can be granted both the title as laird and elder. The lairds of Thunderholme are chosen commonly because of their ability rather the heritage: a clan laird words is almost absolute, but they can never speak over the words of their King or Queen. An elder of the dwarven clan, is the eldest and wisest. Only a clan of importance may be graced with an elder, whom will serve to guide the entire clan. The elders too serve as councilors to the King or Queen of Thunderholme, advising the monarch on important decisions.

    Clans often have a specific profession or specialization that their members tend towards as a result of their founding. Clan Kegbreaker are known for producing brews, whilst other clans can be known as miners, loremasters or warriors. Clans are often linked by blood, but a clanless dwarf many have an opportunity to be adopted into a new clan, particularly if tragedy struck their own.

    A dwarf who is cast out of a clan is viewed with grave dishonor, for a dwarves name is given to them by their clan elder at birth according to tradition. Therefore, to be cast out of a clan is to lose one’s right to their own name, as it is stripped of them. Many dwarves would rather face death then exile. The slow decline of the dwarven people has led to many dwarven adventurers to step outside their holds in search of glory, or to found their own clans.

    The Elders of Thunderholme
    Claerga Farthrow
    Laird Noin Glimmerforge
    Elgyth Trollsblood
    Laird Borin Trollslayer
    Thorsten Ogretoes

    The Lairds of Thunderholme
    Laird Noin Glimmerforge
    Laird Borin Trollslayer
    Laird Cogger Ogretoes
    Captain Borin Battleborn
    High Priest and Prince Thifur Thunderhammer

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    The Clans of Thunderholme


    Skalds and scholars, the Axebeards are new to Thunderholme and Arabel. They came to Queen Brita Thunderhammer's call for battle against the Sibilant Shade, having proved their worth in battle and lore, the golden dwarves have been welcomed to the Dwarven Embassy and Thunderholme.

    Clan status: The newest addition to the clans of Thunderholme, struggling to find their place among the clans of Thunderholme.


    Lead by Captain Borin Battleborn of the Thunderguards, clan Battleborn is a very tough and very loud clan. However, one should note they are not the sharpest tool in the shed and have a great passion for all things ale.

    Clan status: Warriors and Thunderguards, frequent visitors to all bars.


    Once capable warriors who competed with the Giantslayer clan for the King's favour, the Blackforges always rued their lack of prestige, but truly did not lag far behind in ability. Where the Giantslayers were boisterous and brave, the Blackforges have nurtured their second-rate status to fuel their increasingly daring attempts. After the fall of Thunderholme and death of the Giantslayers, the Blackforge clan attempted to on their own defeat the Sibilant Shade that the chosen champions of the King had failed to do. Captured for ten months in the Underdark as the filthy duergar clan Bloodaxe enslaved them, the clan was slowly broken and forced into endless hard labour until they were rescued by Captain Borin Battleborn, High Priest Thifur Thunderhammer, House Hardcastle, a War Wizard and members of the Brethren of the Reborn Sun.

    Brought to the court of Thunder, before Queen Brita Thunderhammer herself. Dorlun Blackforge, head of the Clan, admitted to have allowed his wife Helga Blackforge to give her body for a duergar sacrifice in trade of a piece of bread for the Blackforge clan to eat. His wife experienced unspeakable pains and her soul was torn apart before Dorlun himself, the guilt of his wife's death drove Dorlun into madness which still haunts his barely healed mind. For his crime of sacrificing a kin and possible cannibalism, Queen Brita enlisted Blackforge and his clan to lead the front line during divine march upon the Sibilant Shade. After the victory against the Sibilant Shade, clan Blackforge was forgiven for their sins and now serve Queen brita Thunderhammer as her personal Thunderguards. Their clan honour is reclaimed, yet their scars from their times as slaves still remain. Their leader Dorlun Blackforge chose to become the first dwarven Warforged with the blessing of Queen Brita Thunderhammer, his eldest nephew Kurt Blackforge took over as leader of the clan.

    Clan status: Thunderguards lead by laird Kurt Blackforge, many still suffer from the scars of their brief time as slaves.


    Miners turned into drunkards with no love for anything but ale, the whole clan has been exiled from the Dwarven Embassy and Thunderholme after a failed attempt to poison Queen Brita Thunderhammer by their former leader Hrain Dolsberg. To mark their dishonour, the dwarves of Dolsberg have shave off their beards and hair. Many of the clan chose death over the dishonour put upon their clan, but most simply drown their sorrows in shitty ale whilst staying in Old Town and Shylock's Pub. After dishonouring of their clan, Hrain was thrown out of clan Dolsberg and declared clanless. He has not been seen since losing the hand which he used during his attempt to assassinate the Queen, done by his own father to ensure the dwarf would never forget his crimes.

    Clan status: Exiles, rumoured to have a secret alliances with clan Snowsilver but so far no proof of such dealings have been proven.


    Not of Thunderholme, clan Eisiden sought to impress the Dwarven Embassy during the Sibilant Shade's occupation of Thunderholme. With their skills and crafts they proved to the Dwarven Embassy that dwarves could live honourable lives in Arabel, thus saving many dwarves from sinking into poverty and undwarven ways. With the support of Dugmaren Brightmantle's clerics and other clans who has recently moved to Thunderholme or Arabel seeking glory in Thunderholme's victory, they wish to create their own dwarven factory and guilds in Arabel before establishing trade between the city and Thunderholme.

    Clan status: Master craftsmen and miners, most working in the old Hardcastle Factory. It is known that two of their eldest kinsmen were turned into Warforged before the fall of Lord Hardcastle in 1396DR.


    Assumed dead, the last descendant of clan Falgrimmar has not been seen for years. Many believe the last dwarf to have been taken by the duergars, once again stealing the famed artefact the Sigil of Clan Falgrimmar from Thunderholme. Bearing the symbol of a Brass Hammer upon a stone coffin, the amulet was originally retrieved from the tomb of Roud Falgrimmar by his Attok Falgrimmar - after defeating the duergar thieves attempting to rob his family tomb. Their attempts at desecrating those hallowed halls and binding the spirits of fallen dwarven nobles were foiled that day, only in that they lost the item they sought to imprison them into. It is said to have carried the power to summon forth the spirits of the dead to the aid of the bearer. Now the elders and Queen Brita Thunderhammer fear the duergars once again has claimed the powerful artefact.

    Clan status: Assumed dead, before the fall of Thunderholme the clan was known for their clergy of Gorm Gulthym and stubborn spirit.


    Lead by elder Claerga Farthrow, the Farthrow are traditional priest and priestess of Haela Brightaxe. They hold tradition close to their heart, something which is strongly expressed by elder Claerga Farthrow. Before the rise of Queen Brita Thunderhammer, Claerga Farthrow was a popular candidate to become Queen of the dwarves, despite her status as elder she lacked the other elders approval.

    Clan status: Priests and healers of Thunderholme, some bitter after Claerga Farthrow failed to become Queen of Thunderholme, due to the other elders disapproval of Claergas non-traditional views.


    Chosen champion clan of Reginalg Thunderhammer 5th King of Thunderhammer, famous for being boisterous and brave. The entire clan were slain during the Fall of Thunderholme by the Sibilant Shade. Before the fall of Thunderholme, they were ever competing with clan Blackforge for the favour of the king.

    Clan status: King's Champions, all deceased.


    Warriors of Clangeddin and with a thirst for warfare, with a clear interest in keeping dwarven traditions and not afraid to demand other dwarves to follow suit. The clan is allied with the Trollslayers, the clans sharing their thirst for battled. Which became evident the months before the battle against Aurgloroasa "the Sibilant Shade", even after her fall in 1395DR the clans still thirst for blood. They focus their attention upon healing and training rescued dwarves suffering from past slavery and battles, such as the clan Blackforge.

    Clan status: Lead by the elder and laird Noin Glimmerforge, serving as Thunderguards and warriors.


    The Hammerfist clan is a clan that folded into the Thunderhammer clan 300 years ago after the Hammerfists were forced to flee from the Horn Rimmed Mountains. The Hammerfists were a small clan that based a lot of their living off of trade and weaponsmithing. They were one of the outposts that connected trade between the dwarves of the Northwest and the Thunderhammer dwarves in the Thunder Peaks. Though a small clan (numbering less than 100 dwarves).Their prosperity and wealth thrived for 100 years. But this stroke of luck backfired when it brought on the attentions of the Ogre Mage known as Gretsch and his army of fierce ogres known as "The White Blights". They were given this nickname because Gresch's army would paint themselves from head to toe in white mud in order to blend in with the snowy peaks. The "White Blight" army was some of the fiercest opponents the Hammerfist clan ever encountered. They were feared for their cruelty and evil disposition. And their king, Gretsch, was a wise and cunning leader that gave the "White Blighters" an even sharper edge against the dwarven clan.

    Gretsch had set his eyes on the wondrous weapons that the Hammerfists could create and set about to enslave the dwarven clan for the purpose of producing deadly dwarven blades for his army. The Ogre Mage Gretsch managed to overcome the Hammerfists and corner them in their outpost. All would have been lost if not for the heroics of a feral dwarf named Grantle "The Red" who delivered the Hammerfists from defeat and enslavement. Grantle went on to become the most famous hero the Hammerfists had ever known. As the remains of the Hammerfist clan fled from their once proud outpost, it became clear that they had no choice but to flee to the Halls of the Thunderhammer clan or risk annihilation. Before the fall, the Hammerfists have remained a part of the Thunderhammer clan. And in all technical merits, they had adopted the Thunderhammer way of life, yet still cling to the Hammerfist lineage.

    Clan status: Once lairds of Thunderholme, no dwarf of the Hammerfist clan is known to have survived the fall of Thunderholme.


    A dying clan, with only the widow Heida Highhammer and her children remaining. The clan is famous for their great understanding of dwarven law, many members of the clan served as royal judges for the past Kings of Thunderholme. Their most famous artefact, the hammer Moradin's Law. Gifted by a past king of Clan Thunderhammer as a wedding gift to a member of the Highhammer family, it once numbered amongst the royal treasures of Thunderhammer. It symbolized the role of Judge in the hold and was used over countless generations. In more recent times a more ornamental gavel was used and Moradin's Law buried in the Highhammer Tomb in Thunderholme.

    Clan status: Weak and non-influential, once great lawkeepers of Thunderholme.


    Lead by elder Thorsten Ogretoes, a famed scholar and personal lore adviser to Queen Brita Thunderhammer. The Ogretoes are a clan of great honour and famed for their master smiths, the most famous being laird Cogger Ogretoes, one of the last true royal forgers of Thunderholme. Despite his half mechanical body and loss of site he still manages to smelt metals like no other. Considered a dying trade, Cogger is known to be the last dwarf to have witnessed the forging of Thunderhammer armoury and arms. Whilst most dwarves use their eyes to forge, Cogger uses his touch and hearing to listen to the metal's song. Many claim Cogger's abilities and supernatural forge skills, come hand in hand with his artificially forged mithril arm and netherese alloy leg created by Captain Borin Battleborn, a Retainer of Hardcastle and a human blacksmith. Cogger is too a personal friend of Queen Brita Thunderhammer, known to have supported the Queen long before anyone else accepted her claim to the throne.

    Clan status: Master smiths, miners, tunnel dwellers and teachers of the forge, ever searching for new ways to make their fire sing. Most of the clan work alongside Cogger Ogretoes in Hardcastle's factory, preparing for the day when the fires in the forges of Thunderholme sing once again.


    Famous master brewers, well known to have supplied King Azoin IV with monthly supplies of ale and too the Pride of Arabel. Now runs the bars located in the Dwarven Embassy and Thunderholme, hoping to arrange future contracts to allow them to expand their breweries.

    Clan status: Brewers and cooks, holds little other status but is popular thanks to their fine skills.


    The Kest clan have been selling their wares in Arabel for decades, they fought to enter the Thunderholme Clans after the fall of Thunderholme when the surviving dwarves sought refugee in Arabel. Like clan Eisiden, they are master craftsmen and traders, known well among adventurers for their sturdy arms and armours. Having supported the Dwarven Embassy since its establishment in 1394DR, the Kest clan is now proud to claim itself as one of the main Thunderholme clans. They are lead by the two Kest brothers, Glebur and Rebur.

    Clan status: Craftsmen and traders, whilst settled in Arabel for decades they have only recently made a name for themselves among the Thunerholme clans.


    Their clan name is stained by the dishonour of Baludar Snowsilver also known as the "The Darkling", they now seek to regain their honour as merchants and clerics of Vergadin. Slowly working on their clans recovery, using their new power by forming alliances with the golden dwarves of Arabel whom arrived to the call of Queen Brita Thunderhammer in 1395DR for the battle against the Sibilant Shade.

    Clan status: Merchants and clergy of Vergadin, lead by Baludar Snowsilver but not by much. Mistrusted among the clans of Thunderholme, but highly regarded by the local Gold Dwarves for their silver-tongues and trade skills.


    Resplendent and bedecked in jewels, the Thrivaldi bloodline great home of Djuprheim (Deep Home) stood for centuries as a center of trade and commerce. Yet the Thrivaldi were betrayed, few remember by whom as the legends vary now from remnant of the clan to remnant amongst their skalds. Some claimed drow, many druegar, but it was proven centuries later to have been a power illithid who enthralled gold dwarves to betray their clan. The halls fell, but a few of the women and children escaped. Many of the escaping women and children found shelter in Thunderholme, since the royal clan Thunderhammer had long wedded with the royal bloodline of clan Thrivaldi. After the death of the illithid in 1395DR, the ancestral spirits of Thrivaldi were set free and the halls of Thrivaldi collapsed. Now only the approach of the halls remain, yet thanks to High Priest Thifur Thunderhammer, the Thrivaldi secrets of forging with Rose Gold has not been forgotten and now lay in the hands of the royal forgers of Thunderholme and Queen Brita Thunderhammer herself.

    Clan status: Dead, the few descendants whom managed to flee scattered across Toril and most of its legends now forgotten.


    Honourable clan of Thunderholme, in memory of Arcavius Thunderclasp, apprentice of Joshua Aldek. Whom changed the tide for the Dwarven Embassy, he envisioned a new home in the ruins of what the locals called old town. After weeks of hardship and battles with the local gangs, the dwarves were able to pull together and reclaim the ruined De'Schurrian Estate from the Chaos Brigade and claim it for themselves. While their thirst for home was not quenched by the satisfaction of victory, it did give them that glimmer of hope they needed. Thus the dwarves renamed the estate to the Dwarven Embassy 1394DR, a unique dwarven landmark in Arabel and Cormyr. Sadly, Arcavius Thunderclasp fell to the Sibilant Shade in 1394DR when he attempted to uncover her weakness.

    Clan status: Minor scribes and scholars, seeking to establish their clan further among the Thunderholme clans.


    Skalds and loremasters, have served the Thunderhammer clan since the first King of Thunderhammer was elected. They held a fond bond with William Thond and had many dwarves being sent to Arabel to expand the dwarven trade, after the death of the Thond Family after the fall of the Primordial the Trollsblood focused on lore as their leader Elgyth Trollsblood mourned the loss of his dear human friend and family. After a freak accident in Hardcastle's Factory, the youngest daughter of Elgyth Trollsblood was turned into a Warforged to save the young dwarven smith from a life as a mangled cripple.

    Clan status: Loremasters of Thunderholme, lead by Elgyth Trollsblood.


    Lead by the silent elder and laird Borin Trollslayer, the Trollslayer clan speak little and do more. They are formidable warriors always seeking for a greater challenge in life, known especially for their sworn war against all giant kind. Many great warriors have long sought members of the Trollslayer clan to be taught their battleskills and mastery in the art of the axe.

    Clan status: Thunderguards, giant hunters, tunnel dwellers and warriors. Lead by elder and laird Borin Trollslayer.

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    Points of clarification

    • Thunderhammer Clan requires an app since they are the equivalent of Nobility
    • Direct relation to a Laird or Head of Clan requires an app. The test is "Would this NPC have a reason to care about the PC?" If yes, then app required.
    • Special Position: Foreign Agents is relevant for the Dwarven Embassy and those types of characters